Co-stars John Early and Kate Berlant call Meredith Vieira a “comedic genius”

The creators of the sketch show Would It Kill You To Laugh?, have dubbed the legendary journalist and talk show host a “comedic genius.” premiered on Peacock on June 24.

In the special, Meredith plays herself as the host of the fictional show P.O.V. (Point of Vieira) in which she interviews John and Kate, former stars of the beloved sitcom He’s Gay, She’s Half-Jewish, who are reuniting for the first time in nearly 20 years after a bitter feud tore them apart.

Meredith completes the assignment flawlessly—but don’t just take our word for it.

“She’s incredible,” Kate told E! News. “We were extremely fortunate to obtain her.” We couldn’t believe she was interested. “

John agreed, saying she knew exactly how to handle the emotional beats of the sketch. “She just knew how to strike the balance of being super serious and when to play along,” he told E!. “We were taken aback by her.” She was so nice and calm. “

The pressure was on when John and Kate flew to 30 Rock in New York City to film the sketch with Meredith.

“We were there around 4 a.m.” John explained. It was also the first thing we shot. We were nervous because this was a very important opportunity for us. She was a natural from the start. “My kids adore you guys,” she said. Her children advised her to do so. We were surprised to get her. She was in the category of anchors where we thought, ‘She’ll never say yes.’ “

Fortunately for all of us, she did.

Later in the special, in the final sketch, John and Kate play the same characters, reunited in their old age. As the two dine in a restaurant, they are desperate for the waitstaff to recognize them as celebrities.

It turns out to be a sketch inspired by a real-life experience.

“When Kate came to visit me last summer, we were at a restaurant in New York, and it’s not that our waiter was doing anything wrong; we were just trying to figure out if he was a fan.” We were dissecting it every time he left the table. “

While the real-life John and Kate have no recollection of the waiter ever giving them anything, the fictional John and Kate receive a free banana split.

In a world where TikTok and Instagram reign supreme, John and Kate hope to kill you with laughter.

It offers a nostalgic alternative. It’s an hour-long special that requires focus, patience, and a sense of nuance.

John said that comedy content on social media shouldn’t be thrown out because it’s long, but because it’s often not very good.

“It’s not because it’s long; it’s because it’s garbage,” John explained. “It lacks soul.” I’m not even referring to comedians; I’m referring to content. I’d like to believe that we give people something more meaningful that is worth their time. “