During a visit with his sons, Ed Orgeron tells Notre Dame that they will win…

During a visit with his sons, Ed Orgeron tells Notre Dame that they will win the national championship

On a recent trip up to see them, former LSU Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron heaped accolades on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Ed Orgeron (who previously won a national title with the school from which he was fired) decided to go out on a limb and predict that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish would win a national title during a visit to his successor’s previous place of work.

During Orgeron’s recent visit to Notre Dame, he heaped accolades on the Fighting Irish head coach, Marcus Freeman. Allegedly, Orgeron thinks Freeman is so good that the former head coach of the LSU Tigers went out of his way to make the bold claim about a title.

Orgeron was visiting Notre Dame with his kids, who are interested in coaching themselves, according to ESPN’s Heather Dinich, and he got the opportunity to speak with Notre Dame’s players.

During that time, Orgeron praised Freeman and his coaching staff before talking about a national championship.

According to Dinich, Orgeron added, “I don’t know when it’ll happen, but with this staff and this team, you’re going to win it all.”

Former LSU Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron believes the Fighting Irish will win the national championship with the current coaching staff

Surprisingly, there was a time when Freeman was considered a likely contender to assist in enhancing Orgeron’s coaching staff. Freeman declined, went to Notre Dame, and is now the head coach of a major college football program, as Tyler Horka points out.

Meanwhile, Orgeron was paid to depart LSU while the Tigers struggled on the field and dealt with off-the-field problems. And now, during the offseason, Orgeron is paying a visit to Freeman. It’s strange how things work out in life.

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