Kelly Rizzo’s Wishes for You to Remember Bob Saget, Her Late Husband

When you think of Bob Saget, you probably think of Danny Tanner or one of his other well-known performances. Kelly Rizzo, his wife, simply wishes the recollection brought a smile to your face.

She told E! News exclusively at the Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards, “His entire purpose was just to make people laugh and make them happy.”

And it’s very evident that’s what his purpose was because you just smile when you see his face, walk into a room, or watch him on TV. As a result, he completed it with ease.

It’s also simple to keep his legacy alive. The comedian, who died in January, was posthumously recognized with the Critics’ Choice Real TV Impact Award, which was presented by John Stamos at the June 12 presentation.

Before winning the prize, Rizzo told E!, “It just feels like my brother up there delivering this great award to me or via me to Bob.” “Bob would feel ecstatically honored, touched, thrilled, and delighted.” It’s even more special that John will be presenting this honor. They have such a unique connection. “

She had no qualms about coming up on stage for her late husband, despite her fears that they’d both start crying.

“I know he’d do it in a heartbeat for me,” Rizzo added. “There was no doubt on my part. I’m going to take whatever chance I get for the rest of my life to honor him and spread his legacy. “

Stamos, meanwhile, described his Full House co-star as the “greatest self-critic” he’d ever met.

“What was strange about Bob was that he had the insecurity of a best artist,” he joked onstage.Everyone around him was aware of how amusing, side-splitting, and intelligent he was. He was also unrivaled in terms of generosity. “Bob was a successful director, producer, actor, stand-up comedian, and New York Times Best-Selling author in every medium.

“Even if we don’t win one of these cool prizes,” he went on to explain later, “it’s nice to silence the critic within and just believe everyone when they say ‘you are terrific,’ “you are amazing,” and “you are loved.”

While winning the honor, she commented, “Bob was larger than life.” He was brimming with vitality. He was a natural force. You look at him and wonder, “How isn’t he the one who’s onstage right now?” It’s still not making sense. It still doesn’t make sense.

She closed by saying, “All that matters to us right now is to carry on his legacy of love and laughter, and you all assisted us in doing so today.” So, once again, thank you very much. This is quite significant. And, of course, thank you all for your support of Bob. “