Kris Bryant is relieved following the Cubs’ trade of him

After the hectic Cubs deadline and free agency last year, Kris Bryant is speaking from a place of relief.

Kris Bryant is at last feeling at ease again as he enters his debut season with the Colorado Rockies.

The Chicago Cubs’ former NL MVP and World Series winner was traded to the San Francisco Giants a year ago at the deadline.

He was abruptly transferred from the only organization he had ever played for to a new squad competing for the championship. Even though the Giants were defeated by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLDS on a check swing, Bryant’s checks cleared during his MLB free agency.

Bryant can unwind a little and resume playing baseball the way he likes to now that he is aware he will be in Denver for the foreseeable future.

Bryant and Russell Dorsey of Bally Sports talked about what it meant to be single.

“Honestly, it doesn’t feel like every at-bat is life or death anymore,” said Bryant to Russell Dorsey of Bally Sports. “Whereas, when you’re in a year going into free agency where everything feels bigger than it needs to be.”

Bryant committed to a hefty $182 million, seven-year contract with the Rockies in order to play out his 30s there.

“I kind of find myself here [in Colorado] now and it’s not complacency or anything like that, but it’s nice to kind of approach an at-bat for what it is and just try to play baseball as opposed to trying to play baseball with so many other thoughts racing through your mind at the same time. It’s nice to feel free and be who I know I am.”

Even though getting paid is fantastic, Bryant must fight complacency to bring this struggling franchise around.

Kris Bryant is relieved to no longer be a trade target for the Colorado Rockies

Bryant frequently spoke of how everything would improve once he entered free agency in Dorsey’s story. The long-term contract, the financial security, and other great stuff of that type.

Bryant would subsequently acknowledge that the satisfaction he felt from getting them was just fleeting. It was time for him to resume his baseball game. It is hoped that the playing style can assist Colorado in recovering.

Even though the Rockies are basically inconsequential this season, the goal is for Bryant to become a long-term success for the franchise.

Bryant can assist the Rockies win their one World Series if he can play a significant role in the Cubs’ World Series victory, which would be their first in almost a century. Being in the same division as the Dodgers and Giants inevitably makes this more challenging.

Bryant’s focus in joining Colorado was not 2022 but rather the following seven years. He already has a fantastic career; he does not need to win another World Series.

What is important is how he performs over the next seven while wearing a Colorado uniform, as it will have an impact on his baseball legacy. If he achieves great success, Bryant will be as admired as Todd Helton and Larry Walker.

Bryant needs to get to work now that he is aware he won’t be traded anytime soon.