Paramedics treated a substitute teacher after a student allegedly hit him in…

Substitute Teacher Treated By Paramedics After A Student Reportedly Hit Him In The Face With A Chair During Classroom Altercation

Paramedics treated a substitute teacher after a student allegedly hit him in the face with a chair during a classroom altercation.

Get your roommates involved! After an altercation with “many” kids in a DeSoto middle school classroom on Wednesday afternoon, a substitute teacher was hurt and treated by paramedics, according to a DeSoto Independent School District official.

On social media, videos and images of a fight involving many students and a substitute have sparked indignation.

In the video, one student throws a chair in the face of the teacher, prompting the substitute to retaliate by throwing two chairs. The teacher then walks over to his desk and wipes the blood from his face.


DeSoto police confirmed late Wednesday that they were aware of the viral recordings and are continuing to investigate the incident.

“In reaction to the videos…a stronger police presence will be present at DeSoto West to avoid any such occurrences,” they added. Our first goal is the safety and security of our children.”

According to a DeSoto ISD official, the children attacked the teacher first, hurting him to the point that paramedics were summoned.

The school system failed to say what caused the incident if any students were arrested by police authorities, or how, if at all, the children could be penalized.

“The district makes it clear that the behavior that occurred in the event will not be tolerated or condoned,” DeSoto ISD stated in a statement. “All parties will be held accountable to the full extent of the district’s capacity to address the situation.”

DeSoto ISD declared an early Spring Break as a result of the incident, stating, “DeSoto ISD is striving to reset culture and behavior on campuses, and to concentrate our system on effective instruction, learning, and student academic and social growth.”