Zendaya is mocked by Kenan Thompson by suggesting that she is too…

Zendaya is mocked by Kenan Thompson by suggesting that she is too old for Leonardo DiCaprio

The SNL cast member and host of the Emmys 2022 event poked fun at Zendaya after wishing her a happy birthday on Monday night’s broadcast of the awards show. Zendaya is the star of the film Wolf of Wall Street.

Greetings to Zendaya on her great day since she turned 26 last week. As the cameras focused on a blushing Zendaya, who was being recognized for her performance in the movie Euphoria, Thompson made a remark about how odd Zendaya’s age seemed in the entertainment industry.

He made a joke about how you look young enough to play a high school student in a movie but too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio.

The rest of the audience chuckled awkwardly in response to Kenan’s statement as the Emmy-nominated actress, who is rumored to be dating Tom Holland, hid her face in her hands.

Just before Camila Morrone turned 25 years old, Leonardo DiCaprio broke up with her last month. The couple split up after four years of dating, with the internet speculating that the model was too old for the Oscar winner.

Leonardo Dicaprio when his girlfriends are 25 years old, as one Twitter user put it when describing a video of a woman throwing a baby into a fire.

Another person questioned, “Do you ever think about doing that?” Leonardo Dicaprio responded, “I suppose, being a good human being, I sympathize with the situation of women everywhere, who are denied the privilege of renting a car until they are 25.”

Another person claimed that it is staggeringly likely that Leonardo DiCaprio will have dumped his girlfriend by the time he is 25.

Morrone was only 20 when DiCaprio began dating her in 2017. The model defended their 23-year age difference in a 2019 interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Numerous marriages in history and in Hollywood have had a wide age gap between the partners. Simply put, I think everyone should be allowed to date whomever they choose.