7 TV Shows from the Early 2000s We’re Still Getting Style Insights

7 Early 2000s Tv Shows We're Still Taking Style Cues From

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The decade of the 2000s was legendary. It’s that simple.

If you were a child at the time, you’ll recall the thrill of waiting a week for a new episode of your favorite show to appear. Netflix, who are you? It’s strange to consider how patient we were.

To be honest, we really miss it. There’s a lot of pressure nowadays to binge-watch a new program every week so that we can grasp Twitter memes and have excellent conversations.

We yearn for the simple delight of watching The Amanda Show after school on a beanbag today more than ever, especially with the resurrection of several Y2K trends like claw clips, camp jewelry, and cargo pants.

We thought about all of the other shows that raised us and the trendy characters whose style continues to impact trends to this day because we’re in a nostalgic mood! Here are some of our favorite outfits from episodes like Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Sex in the City, Lizzie McGuire, and more.

Housewives in Peril

We still fantasize about living on Wisteria Lane! We were essentially reared by Lynette, Bree, Gabby, Edie, and Susan. During the show’s eight seasons, they not only taught us a lot about relationships, but they also gave us some memorable looks.

Adriana Iglesias’ Silk Roads — Yala Top

“When I grow up, I want to be Gabrielle Solis,” we thought when we watched Desperate Housewives for the first time. And the assertion is still valid. With white trousers and metallic stilettos, we believe she’d look great in this silk halter neck top.

Tank made of cotton jersey

Susan Mayer’s chic mom style was effortless. Most of the time, viewers would find her hanging out in Wisteria Lane wearing a tank top and low-rise jeans, which leads us to believe she owns a collection of these ribbed Skims tanks.

Cropped Cardigan Sweater Clemence

Bree Van de Kamp was the most refined lady we knew as children. While her modest fashion selections will always be in trend, we believe a matching sweater set would be the greatest approach to reflect her fastidious tendencies.

Fiona Strapless Mini Dress in Pink

Edie Britt’s style has never let me down. She always made sure to steal the show, whether she was snatching someone’s boyfriend or gossiping with Karen McCluskey. We have a feeling she’d wear this pink tiny dress to stir up trouble.

Boyfriend Shirt in Linen

Lynette Scavo was most commonly seen in jeans and an unbuttoned cotton shirt when she wasn’t creating the Boss Woman image or chasing her kids. It’s no wonder that this laid-back look is currently popular.

Amanda’s Show

“Bring in the lobsters who are dancing!” Amanda Bynes’ Nickelodeon sketch comedy program has a particular place in our hearts. From Judge Trudy and Totally Kyle to Amanda’s Jacuzzi, the show was like an adolescent version of Saturday Night Live that never failed to make us laugh.

Long-sleeved Only Mesh Top with Green Marble Print

Long-sleeved tops and patterned mesh tees are making a comeback, and we’re all for it. They’re ideal for layering while also making a stylish statement.

Midi Skirt for Sunset Trip

For a fashionable vintage style, pair this midi slip skirt with some platform sandals.

Topshop Navy Checkered Shrunken Vest

Penelope Taynt is being given! Who’d have guessed her iconic blue vest would still be fashionable after all these years? If you’re going to wear this, don’t forget to put on some black frames!

Hair clips with butterflies (50-Pieces)

Pull your hair back with a few of these butterfly clips for an Amanda-approved look. It’s cool again, believe us!

The Pursuit of Simplicity

When it comes to fashion that continues to inspire, we’d be negligent if we didn’t mention one of the most memorable reality TV shows of all time. Not only did Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie inspire us to wear more pink and shorter shorts, but they also changed our mindset. Sorry for the inconvenience, Mom!

Crop Top with Frill Trim and a Tie Front

Nicole could herd cattle while wearing this crop top and denim shorts.

Velour Track Pant by Juicy Couture

In the early 2000s, you could always count on a Juicy Couture tracksuit to make you seem cool when shopping at the mall.

Show Up Quay x Paris

These glasses, designed by the Y2K icon herself, will make you appear hot when you’re dashing around town.

NBCUniversal Photo Bank


Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica’s style has influenced generations following generations, from 90s straight leg jeans to slip dresses and denim overalls. They always looked effortlessly chic, whether they were hanging out with the guys or pivoting a couch.

Boyfriend Jeans by PacSun Eco in Light Blue from the 1990s

If you ask us, the comeback of ’90s jeans and the Friends reunion seems suspicious. Although we joke, it’s no surprise Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe’s denim selections have returned to the It Girls’ closets.

With the Files Faux Fur Coat with Shawl Collar

Who doesn’t remember Phoebe’s famous orange fur coat?! Despite the fact that it’s getting warmer, we recommend acquiring this comparable style while it’s on sale.

Square Neck Strappy Midi Slip Dress (Recycled)

The midi slip dress is another prominent fashion from the 1990s and early 2000s. This is something we may see Rachel or Monica wearing today.

Slouchy Straight Workwear Cut-Off Jean Short Overalls for Women in Light-Wash Non-Stretch

The denim overalls Rachel wore are one of our favorite Rachel looks. We bought some for ourselves practically as soon as we finished watching the show!

HBO Original Programming; Darren Star Productions

The City’s Sex

It’s difficult to dispute that this show had a huge impact on fashion in the 2000s. We love how you can still find your own unique style in Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, or Charlotte!

Sweet Elastic Waist Tulle Skirt by ebossy for Women

Carrie is unrivaled in her ability to wear a tulle skirt. This style is fantastic, as is the pricing.

Basic Crew Neck Crop Tank Top for Women by KAMISSY

Pair this pink tank top with the tulle skirt to recreate one of Carrie’s most memorable looks.

Jacket with a single breasted design

Miranda Hobbes’ professional style will always be an inspiration to us! The pantsuit trend is something she would surely approve of.

Stone Topshop Cropped Jacket

Charlotte may be seen running about town today in this tailored button-up jacket with a matching headpiece.

Betty is a character on the television show Ugly Betty.

Betty Suarez’s sense of style will be remembered for a long time. Despite the fact that Marc and Amanda chastised her for her varied taste, we thought her ability to mix and match prints was brilliant.

Never Fully Dressed Contrast Prints Volume Sleeve Panel Mini Dress

Betty had an uncanny ability to combine prints and colors. This dress appears to be an outfit she would wear to Mode.

GRACEART Faux Pearl Necklace of Anne Boleyn

This necklace is for you whether you want to channel Anne Boleyn or Betty Suarez.

Disney Channel is a television network owned by Disney.

Lizzie McGuire is a character in the film Lizzie McGuire

Repeaters of outfits, unite! When it was time to hit the shopping with our friends, the Disney Channel show always provided the style inspiration we needed.

Zadie Power Mesh Turtleneck by AFRM

Lizzie, like us, adored a good butterfly shirt and mesh long-sleeved top. Lizzie would look great in this mesh turtleneck in real life.

Necklace with Personalized Heart Charm

Lizzie’s necklace game was on spot all the time. Despite the fact that she wore a slew of legendary chokers, her heart toggle necklace was by far the most popular.

4-in-1 Curling Wand Set by Siyaluens

Miranda and Lizzie had the best hairstyles that we could never duplicate. You may, however, create the ultimate 2000s-inspired hairdo with this 4-in-1 wand set.

Shacket Trucker by Levi’s

Lizzie looked great in denim, whether it was a jacket, a long skirt, or a dress. With this traditional denim shacket, you can’t go wrong.

Women’s Hair Bandanas (4-Piece)

Lizzie’s skill to make a headscarf seem stylish had a big influence on us. This silk bandana combo is ideal for channeling your inner Lizzie on your next beach trip or brunch with friends.

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