Carlos Correa used analytical statistics to secure a deal that set a new record

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Carlos Correa, the shortstop for the Minnesota Twins, explained how advanced statistics helped him negotiate the best contract possible.

It’s one thing to negotiate for players’ rights through the CBA, but the effort doesn’t end there. Players in Major League Baseball are always trying to get the best deal possible. Carlos Correa, a shortstop for the Minnesota Twins, took advantage of baseball’s love of sophisticated statistics to become the highest-paid infielder by annual value.

Correa told Yancen Pujols, a reporter for El Caribe, how he used advanced data to show how valuable he was to the Twins.

In a Spanish-language interview with Pujols, Correa remarked, “Baseball has changed a lot.” “Back in the day, home runs, batting average, and RBI were the most important statistics. Because you can’t create accurate estimates with such data, they no longer define how good a player is.

A player who plays frequently in Colorado, for example, will hit more home runs than a player who plays frequently in Detroit. So, if you want to contract this player for a long time and take him out of Colorado, you can’t focus on the home runs. You should concentrate on advanced stats such as BB%, barrel rate, K%, wOBA, and wRC+. “

Carlos Correa shows how advanced statistics helped him become MLB’s best infielder

Rather than touting his home run line, which, as he pointed out, varies based on altitude, Correa highlighted his tremendous WAR of 7.2. That, according to Correa, bolstered his case for becoming the Twins’ highest-paid infielder.

“This game is constantly changing. Every five years, this sport changes dramatically.” They’re always looking for ways to pay us players less, but we need to adjust to their new system in order to be paid what we’re worth. In other words, the figures you desire are wOBA, wRC+, and OPS+. These are the numbers that allow you to forecast.

The WAR rate is the most important statistic.As a result, when I became a free agent, every team knew I had 7.2 WAR. If my memory serves me correctly, I was tied with Juan Soto. So that’s how the discussions went: they instantly accepted my offer when I indicated I wanted to be the highest-paid infielder. “

The Twins knew they were getting the greatest player in the league when they signed Correa, but analytical data that links directly with win probability and franchise success statistically establishes that Correa is worth his expensive price tag.