Unbelievable 15-pitch performance ruined by umpire At-bat for Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa’s long at-bat against the Red Sox was cut short when the umpire called a borderline pitch a strike.

Carlos Correa hasn’t exactly gotten off to a fast start with the Twins, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t putting up tremendous numbers.

One such instance was his strikeout against the Red Sox on Sunday.

In the fourth inning, Correa was down 2-0 against Michael Wacha. He was able to stretch his at-bat to 15 pitches.

A fantastic 15-pitch game is ruined by an umpire. At-bat for Carlos Correa

Unfortunately, the at-bat ended with a called strike that could have easily been ruled a ball. Correa fouled off nine pitches, seven of which were consecutive with a full count.

Listen, umpires are going to call what they’re going to call, and the human aspect will play a role in that (at least until automatic strike zones are implemented). However, there are occasions when you want the umps to read the room. The most disheartening way to end an at-bat is with a questionable called strike on the 15th pitch.

Correa would have like to steal a base, but a 15-pitch at-bat is still valuable. There are certainly worse plate looks to be found.

So far this season, Correa has a.154/.241/.346 hitting line. He went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts on Sunday.

With six runs in the eighth inning, Boston pulled away late. They defeated the Twins8-1, putting them to 3-6 on the season.