According to a gastroenterologist and a psychologist, you may be in a better…

Why You May Be In A Better Mood After You Poop, According To A Gastroenterologist And Psychologist

According to a gastroenterologist and a psychologist, you may be in a better mood after you poop.

Have you ever observed that when you poop, you’re in a better mood? So, we decided to get to the bottom of it by asking a gastroenterologist and a psychologist, respectively, for their opinions on the matter.

In summary, there may be a psychological explanation for being in a better mood after you poop, even if there isn’t necessarily a physiological reason.

Anecdotally, gastroenterologist Niket Sonpal, MD, FACP, DABIM, sees why this could be the case. “As a GI specialist, I haven’t seen any concrete evidence for this,” he says, “although patients may feel lighter, which may, in principle, make them feel better.”

“Feelings are constricted in the same way your bowels may be when constipated,” says licensed clinical psychologist Samantha Gambino, PsyD, expanding on this hypothesis. Here’s why she thinks pooping might improve your happiness from a psychological aspect.

A constant supply of serotonin is indicated by regular BMs.

“Serotonin is known as the ‘happy hormone,’ and since 70% of it is housed in the gut, it’s logical that you’ll be in a poor mood when you’re constipated,” explains Dr. Gambino. “Regular defecation relieves discomfort and shows that serotonin is being released from your gut in sufficient amounts, which keeps your mood in check.”

Stress can be brought on by constipation.

The more difficult it is for you to poop, the higher the potential mood increase after you do. “Constipation can generate anxiety,” adds Dr. Gambino, “since you may have preoccupying thoughts about when you’ll be able to go to the bathroom and how it will affect your day.” So a bowel movement can be all you need to de-stress your mind.

A nice poop represents you.

“Feeling weak and helpless over your body and bowels can make you feel powerless and helpless,” adds Dr. Gambino, referring to bowel difficulties like constipation and its distant cousin, diarrhea.

So a regular feces might help a lot with this concern. “There’s a sense of accomplishment when you say to yourself, ‘I finally did it!'” And it can make you feel accomplished, which can improve your mood,” says Dr. Gambino.