After missing crucial free throws, Coach K threw Mark Williams under the bus

Coach K Threw Mark Williams Under The Bus After Missing Critical Free Throws

While discussing why his Duke Blue Devils fell to UNC in the Final Four, Coach K appeared to throw center Mark Williams under the bus.

Duke’s head coach, whether it’s coaching decisions or other aspects of Duke’s Final Four loss to UNC, may want a few things back from Saturday night.

He could also want a copy of his postgame interview.

When folks saw the interview and thought Coach K had thrown Mark Williams under the bus, he faced some heat.

With the Blue Devils behind by one, Williams missed two crucial free throws in the last minute of the game. On the next possession, instead of tying or gaining the lead, Duke watched as Caleb Love hit a three-pointer to make it a four-point game. They were never able to recover.

After Duke’s loss to UNC, Coach K made some crude statements about Mark Williams.

Here’s a video of Krzyzewski after the game.

Coach K stated emphatically, “We’d like to hit our free throws,” before skirting around a specific player’s role. “Mark, I’m sorry for not being able to… He was never a part of the game.

When the head coach named the player and talked about free throws on Twitter, he was criticized right away.

Coach K going out with his usual class, trashing Mark Williams in his post game interview.

— Peter Edmiston (@peteredmiston) April 3, 2022

Coach K immediately throwing Mark Williams under the bus is so perfect. What a way for that scumbag to go out

— Eric Hubbs (@BarstoolHubbs) April 3, 2022

Krzyzewski went on to say that one play does not determine whether a game is won or lost, but that doesn’t make up for the horrible name drop he made earlier in the conversation.

It’s possible that the head coach didn’t mean to throw his player under the bus. Whether he likes it or not, the method he chose to express himself did it.

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