Bow Wow Let Shai Moss, his daughter, style his hair on Instagram for…

Bow Wow Let Shai Moss, his daughter, style his hair on Instagram for amazing results

The amazing American rapper and actor, Bow Wow, He has a huge following since he is such a wonderful person.

He has a sizable fan following, and everyone enjoys his distinctive musical taste thanks to his immense talent. But in addition to being a fantastic musician, he is also a wonderful father to his lovely daughter, Shai Moss.

He shared a video in which he joked with his daughter Shai, 11, about taking out his slicked-back ponytail. The rapper joked while having fun with his daughter, “You’ve made me seem crazy.” This ponytail is odd—what kind is it?”

He specified to his daughter that he wanted his hair brushed down with a man-bun at the top. His daughter intervened to advise him to cut his hairline. He continued by saying that he didn’t require a haircut because he had just had one 48 hours prior and that he would soon have his hair braided.

He addressed his daughter with a big sigh, “You’re mistreating Daddy today.” You’re only supposed to shampoo my hair. ” They debated for a while before deciding that Shai might try again. He was more pleased with how it turned out with her second attempt, though.

His daughter had attempted to create a man bun out of his hair. However, her father was observed being upset and pleading for her mother to pick up the child because she was damaging his hair. In response, Shai stopped him from capturing her in the adorable, emotional moment.

Fans fell head over heels for the clips and dubbed Shai cute for the haircuts she gave her father. Fans especially adore Bow Wow’s relationship with his daughter. With both father and daughter being so close, the relationship is simply beautiful.

Bow Wow co-parents his child with Joie Chavis, his ex-girlfriend with whom he is no longer involved. Despite this, they get along well and appear to enjoy co-parenting their kids. They also recently celebrated her birthday together. Fans are thrilled to see both stars happy in their individual lives.