Safaree Shares The Best Part Of Her Success…

Safaree Reveals The Best Part Of Success To His Fans

Safaree has recently disclosed the best place for success to his fans and followers. Take a look at the message he sent to his social media account.

“OH-KAY!” said someone else. Safaree is back with a new message and is dishing out BAWDY! Is he your ideal summer body? ‘ One commentator said that “his head doesn’t match his physique” (lmfao).

One enthusiast remarked, “Don’t mind me, just grabbing a seat in the comments,” while another commented, “I like this chest tattoo, it looks like a butterfly.”

“What are these?” questioned another follower. Do clown shoes have a large ass? Is it possible that I’m high? ‘

One fan wrote, “I understand why Nicki stayed with him for as long as she did at times,” while another added, “He sobbed over Nicki and desired genuine love, but had been with all love and hip-hop women, Erica Marian Lynn Nikki.”

It’s the oversize home slippers shaped like bootlegs off white Jordan’s for me, “an admirer stated.”

Someone else said, “This dude is like…,” Idk… Washed?… “This isn’t it,” one user claimed, “why does my girl say this picture should be blurry because he keeps dancing?”

Safaree and Erica Mena are no longer together, and while many fans hoped that they would reconcile, it appears that it was not meant to be.

We recently discovered that Erica Mena’s fans are rooting for her after she announced her divorce from Safaree. Check out the footage of her yelling, “I am a free woman!”

When it comes to Erica Mena and Safaree’s marriage, The Shade Room reports that it appears to be a done thing. As she celebrated this new chapter of her life, Erica told the crowd in Tampa that she is now officially divorced, and they cheered her on.

Keep an eye on Safaree and Erica’s social media accounts for more exciting news.