Braves fans react to Freddie Freeman’s first hit as a Dodger

Freddie Freeman’s First Hit As A Dodger: Braves Fans React

Freddie Freeman had his first hit as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and it appears that Atlanta Braves fans are undecided.

Freddie Freeman made his major league debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Once the season started, Freeman finally got to play for his new squad.

Freeman not only played in his first game as a Dodger, but he also had his first hit for the team.

Freddie Freeman has his first hit as a Dodger.

— Fabian Ardaya (@FabianArdaya) April 8, 2022

That must be thrilling for Freeman and Dodger fans alike!

But, how do Atlanta Braves fans feel about all of this? What are their thoughts on Freeman turning up and making plays for LA?

Fans of the Atlanta Braves react as Freddie Freeman gets his first hit with the Los Angeles Dodgers

It appears that some people are still interested in expressing their support for Freeman. Even while there isn’t a sizable number of Braves fans online (at least for the time being), there are still individuals who aren’t happy that Freeman isn’t in Atlanta.

Oh looky here…. Mr Overrated himself Alex Anthopoulos is now in the booth. I wish the Braves announcers had the sack to ask him how he justifies Ozuna in the lineup while simultaneously letting Freeman walk.

— J Muñoz (@jmunoz2310) April 9, 2022

Meanwhile, it appears that many others are looking forward to the start of a new era with a new first baseman. Matt Olson’s fan base is rapidly rising.

friendship ended with freddie freeman now matt olson is my best friend

— Morgan Raines (@MorganRaines) April 9, 2022

Today Matt Olson had 3 hits for the braves. Freddie Freeman had 1 for the dodgers.
Therefore Matt Olson >>

— Crossfire 🔥 (@CrossfireTV_) April 9, 2022

Matty Olson just hit a “Freddie Freeman oppo” 🙌

— Joey Weller (@TheJoeyWeller) April 9, 2022

Who needs Freddie Freeman?! Not the Braves!

— Steven Dingle (@stevozone4_) April 9, 2022

With time, it’s very feasible that more Atlanta supporters will soften their stance on the Freeman situation.

When a series loses a long-time fan favorite, for whatever reason, it’s always a difficult situation. It’s understandable that many Braves fans are relieved to be moving on after the Freeman situation in Atlanta came to an end and they were able to move on.

But, as time goes on and Freeman nears retirement, it’s possible that people will pay more attention to something else than Freeman’s departure for Los Angeles.