Bridging crypto and the physical world: Zipmex CEO on its new “blockchain supermarket”

Bridging Crypto And The Physical World: Zipmex Ceo On Its New “blockchain Supermarket”

We’ve all heard about blockchain technology, which is utilized as a sort of decentralized record keeping for cryptocurrencies and has since become a term for DeFi and new technologies.

However, blockchain technology offers benefits beyond cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

According to Singapore-based digital asset exchange Zipmex, the next phase for blockchain technology is to link the digital and physical worlds.

As a result, Marcus Lim, the company’s co-founder and CEO, came up with a plan to achieve precisely that. He played around with the idea of a blockchain-powered supermarket in particular, which was finally put into practice late last month.

“Our goal has always been to use blockchain technology to connect the crypto and physical worlds.” “The idea of a blockchain supermarket was born out of the metaverse,” Marcus explains.

The purchasing experience is being revolutionized

blockchain supermarket

Bakery Swap

The concept of a blockchain supermarket sounds intriguing. After all, blockchain technology and shopping don’t appear to have anything in common.

Retailers will be able to give real-time updates and make their businesses more efficient because of the combination of blockchain technology and shopping. This will also make it more secure for both shoppers and retailers.

Retailers and customers have more options when shopping at a blockchain supermarket. Customers’ options for products can be further expanded by including special and limited-edition items, such as NFTs and other digital collectibles, in addition to standard items.

Customers might also get a lot more from sellers. Marcus thinks that by combining the physical and digital worlds, the store will be able to do interactive marketing that will help it sell more things.

As a result of these changes, customers will be able to play games when they buy things, which will make things more secure and transparent for both merchants and customers.

Exclusive and limited edition products will be available for customers to interact with and collect as an NFT. These NFT collectibles can then unlock new products and exclusive experiences at physical stores.

… These interactive experiences reflect our goal to engage customers via multi-touch points and empower them to step foot into the world of digital assets, marking an important step in elevating our omnichannel experience through the integration of activations on the metaverse.

– Marcus Lim, co-founder and CEO of Zipmex

Providing assistance to the crypto and blockchain communities

Zipmex central food retail


The road to creating a blockchain supermarket, on the other hand, hasn’t been easy.

Blockchain technology has some people who don’t like it. Marcus says that there is a lot of information that people don’t know about, which is slowing down the general public and businesses from adopting the technology.

As a result, Marcus is grateful for the cooperation he received from his central retail partners, who assisted him in launching the initiative.

Central Retail, the parent business of Central Food Retail, is a Thai-based selling platform. Zipmex is providing the technology, and Central Retail is providing the products and customers. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for both companies.

Marcus also thinks that by combining the two concepts, average people would be exposed to blockchain technology and, by implication, cryptocurrencies.

“We also believe that blockchain technology’s potential extends beyond financial services, so we’re taking the first step by partnering with a retailer to bring us closer to public audiences in Southeast Asia,” Marcus says.


In order to increase their visibility in the metaverse and help the crypto and blockchain communities boost their standing, Zipmex is looking to partner with a variety of businesses.

The blockchain supermarket is only the start



According to Marcus, the blockchain supermarket is only one of Zipmex’s numerous active projects. There will undoubtedly be more.

Zipmex, for example, is already planning more user-engagement-driven events this year, like NFTs and the metaverse, to bring digital assets closer to people in Asia Pacific.

Finally, Zipmex wants to get people to join the crypto world by having fun and encouraging them to live a life that is both online and offline.

As an industry leader in Southeast Asia, we believe it is also our obligation to educate people about cryptocurrency and dispel the negative perceptions that people have about it. This blockchain supermarket, along with other efforts, is one of many steps being taken to stimulate and accelerate mainstream crypto adoption in the region.