Ronald Acua responds angrily to allegations that he made disparaging remarks…

Ronald Acuña Posts Fiery Response To Alleged Comments He Made About Freddie Freeman

Ronald Acua responds angrily to allegations that he made disparaging remarks about Freddie Freeman

Ronald Acua wasn’t going to let a late-night story about Freddie Freeman’s reported turmoil ruin his Opening Day celebrations.

Baseball has returned, and Ronald Acua isn’t going to let anyone put a damper on his celebration.

The Atlanta Braves begin their World Series defense this week, but the start of the new season isn’t without controversy. In particular, a story started circulating in the late-night hours leading up to Opening Day that the new Braves star had a dispute with the legend he’d taken over as the franchise’s face.

On Instagram Live recently, Acua is said to have called Freddie Freeman a slut and said that there was a lot of tension between the two of them when they were in the Atlanta clubhouse together.

“Freddie Freeman will be missed, but not by me.” We had a squabble, and he didn’t seem to mind when I got slapped. According to Pujols’ translation, Acua said, “Freddie was overpowering and he wasn’t someone I could ever talk to.”

The remark comes after a tumultuous summer in which it was unclear whether Freeman would return to the Braves or seek free agency elsewhere. Finally, he decided to go with the Los Angeles Dodgers and sign a big deal with them, which now people are questioning because of the rumored fight.

Acua, on the other hand, was eager to refute the assertion and respond to many of the tweets that circulated the quotation.


— Ronald Acuna Jr (@ronaldacunajr24) April 7, 2022

Freeman’s final season in Atlanta ended with a World Series victory but little acuity. Due to a knee injury, the Braves great missed practically the whole season and was unable to assist in sending their buddy out on a high note with October glory.

If anyone outside of the clubhouse is surprised by the reports of beef, it’s probably because this is the first time they’ve heard about it.

There was nothing about the Braves or the players’ connection in the dugout that suggested there was any animosity. In fact, one of the team’s wonderful attractions was the Baby Braves, who were led by Freeman’s stern veteran leadership.

Acua’s quick denial of these charges, which he didn’t have to make because he doesn’t share a clubhouse with Freeman, should tell Braves fans everything they need to know. Or, at the very least, clear the dust so that the World Series ceremony on Opening Day can be enjoyed.