Dua Lipa’s second partnership with PUMA perfectly captures the rave vibe

Dua Lipa, a pop icon and reigning nostalgia queen, returns to PUMA for the new Flutur line.

The singer imagines the past and thinks back on long-gone PUMA designs and events in cultural history.

For instance, the intense bright pinks, purples, and oranges with holographic accents inspire us to recall the rave scene of the 1990s.

The butterfly logo that Lipa commonly uses during her work with the sports brand was also inspired by vintage rave flyers.

“The butterfly represents change, transformation, and fresh starts. In my opinion, the butterfly was already quite essential to me when I first started working on the first drop.

That meaning has just become cemented and will grow even more significant in my life when I move on to the second line. “Everything seems to develop and manifest itself in this manner,” Dua Lipa stated.

Regarding the actual collection, Dua and PUMA offer over 30 options, including a flared tracksuit and the brand-new CELL Dome King sneaker that the pop star created especially for Flutur.

The sneakers are obviously influenced by rave culture because they have football boot-like details and play an important comforting function at parties.

In a hot, crowded club, what could be more ideal than cozy shoes? In terms of the Mayze sneaker, it perfectly encapsulates the PUMA image, replete with a stacked sole that transports us back to the 1990s.

A wider distribution is anticipated for July 14 on the PUMA website and at a few select stores around the world.

According to an earlier post, even a snowstorm couldn’t stop Dua Lipa from looking fashionable. This past weekend, a genuine snow apocalypse occurred in New York.

The artist made the decision to take advantage of the snowy city to plan a chic photo shoot. She entered the terrace coated in snow, wearing a stylish all-black look.