Laila Ali Displays Her Son’s Disturbing Resemblance to Her Father

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If there is one thing Laila Ali inherited from her father, the late and great Muhammad Ali, it is undoubtedly her boxing talents. Now it appears that her son has received something from him as well…his appearance.

“I’m still surprised at how my boy looks just like my Dad…with a sprinkle of my hubby too,” Laila captioned a photo of herself and her son Curtis on social media.

Fans immediately agreed with Laila, stating that the likeness between her son and her father is unmistakable.

“The Grandson of an All-Round Champion,” Lil Mama stated as he entered The Shade Room. Both within and outside the ring The Original Goat, #RIPTheGoat.”

“It’s crazy how genes skip generations occasionally,” another roommate commented. When relatives appear in grandkids and great-grandchildren, I become excited.”

In 2008, Laila and Curtis Conway welcomed their son back into their lives. Three years later, in 2011, they had their daughter Sydney.