Cameron Diaz’s 50th birthday party included Benji Madden, Adele, and…

Cameron Diaz’s 50th birthday party included Benji Madden, Adele, and other celebrities

An insider tells The People that the former Charlie’s Angel celebrated her important birthday on Tuesday at Nobu in Malibu.

At a private table at the restaurant, Benji Madden, her husband, Adele, Nicole Richie, Zoe Saldana, her co-star Leslie Mann, and Mann’s husband Judd Apatow were all present for her special day.

“The lovely Cameron. She enjoyed herself a lot on her birthday, “citing the original text. “She was laughing a lot and clearly enjoying herself. She gave additional hugs to Benji and her friends. There were several hours of festivity.

According to a second insider, Diaz is “enjoying turning 50.”

She honestly loves the life she has. She adores her husband and motherhood “from an insider’s perspective.” She enjoys being her own boss and is ready to resume her filmmaking career. At the end of the day, Cameron believes that “Life is Wonderful!”

Madden is 43 years old, and Radix, Diaz’s daughter, is 212 years old. She announced earlier in the summer that she was coming out of retirement to shoot a movie for Netflix after not appearing in a film since 2014’s Annie, which also starred Jamie Foxx.

The Bad Teacher actress said she has changed her “whole perspective on aging simply and completely, even in the past ten years” after becoming a mother during a May episode of GOOP’s podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow.

It has been fully revealed. I am overjoyed. I have 50 to 60 years left to live because I have a young child, but I want to live to be 110. She said throughout that period.

I’d like to share that moment with her and be there for her in her 40s because I think it’s a wonderful period when you start to appreciate who your parents are when you’re in your 40s.