David Beckham cried during his emotional wedding speech

David Beckham ‘shed A Tear’ Over Emotional Wedding Speech

During an emotional speech at Brooklyn Beckham’s wedding, David Beckham “shed a tear.”

The soccer legend, who is married to Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls, gave a moving speech during his son’s wedding to Nicola Peltz in Palm Beach, Florida, at Nicola’s family’s opulent seaside house.

As part of his duties as the groom’s father, David gave a five-minute speech honoring his son and his new wife, as well as reminiscing about a particular event in his life that left everyone teary-eyed.

A source told The Sun newspaper that David’s speech lasted nearly five minutes, and he appeared to shed a tear at one point. He was talking about how he wanted to protect Brooklyn when he was born.

“He claimed he was sleeping on the hospital floor, holding the door locked so no one could get in.” David had a lump in his throat and had to take a moment to restore his composure, but it was a lovely speech. “

As part of their wedding ceremonies, David gave his son a £350,000 Jaguar as a wedding present.

The gorgeous baby blue car is all-electric and was custom-ordered by Beckham, with light cream accents on the inside. On the technical side, the brakes, suspension, and steering have all been upgraded.

By producing this gorgeous, electrified Jaguar XK140, we are proud to bridge the gap between David Beckham’s business life, where he is an investor in Lunaz, and his family life,” said David Lorenz, Founder and CEO of Lunaz, which constructed the automobile for the Beckhams.

This magnificent automobile is the ideal wedding present for his son, Brooklyn, and daughter-in-law, Nicola. In every way, Lunaz’s remarkable electric classic automobile represents a bright, promising future. “