Demi Lovato, who is about to release her eighth studio album, has been…

Demi Lovato, who is about to release her eighth studio album, has been dating someone new

According to a source acquainted with the singer-songwriter of “Sorry Not Sorry,” Lovato is happily dating a musician. The link is described as “extremely nice and sturdy” by the source. He is a very lovely person.

a 29-year-old The eighth studio album from Lovato, Holy Fvck, which features the tracks “Skin of My Teeth” and “Substance,” is set to be released on August 19.

When asked if it was odd to remember particular moments and feelings now that the song had been out, Lovato said it was just a “phase in the process.”

When I write songs, sometimes my ideas have completely changed by the time I publish them. Whether or not that is the case, those songs came from my heart and the situation I was in at the time, “they asserted.

“I never forget the past or my feelings at the time.” Yes, I have experienced this; I simply wear my lyrics like a badge of honor. “

On the other hand, Lovato actually learned how to feel at ease by herself during the epidemic, and as a result, she has learned more about herself.

“I was not alone when COVID originally began.” I didn’t want to be alone, but I ultimately came to terms with it. “Since I’ve been by myself, I feel like I’ve gained greater self-awareness,” they commented.

Lovato claimed, “I’ve become more at ease with who I am as a person.” Because I feel like I’ve been conversing, hooking up, or in relationships with people my entire life—well, maybe not my entire life, ever since I started dating—all I wanted was some time to myself.

In March 2021, Lovato revealed to her listeners on the podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, that she is pansexual.

“I was really closeted off, which is part of the reason I am so flexible now,” she acknowledged to the host. Someone once called the LGBTQIA+ community the “alphabet mafia.” Being a part of the alphabet mafia makes me pleased.