During the 2022 season, Gronk might come out of retirement once again…

During the 2022 season, Gronk might come out of retirement once again “if Tom Brady contacts him”

Rob Gronkowski might come out of retirement “if Tom Brady phones him during the season,” according to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

In a parallel universe from 2019, Rob Gronkowski nearly persuaded Tom Brady to retire with him in Florida. Almost.

However, according to speculation surrounding Gronk’s second retirement from the NFL, some claim he might pull a Brady — or another Gronk — by unretiring once more.

T-Mobile had a good time imagining a world in which a dropped call could have changed the course of Super Bowl history.

According to Gronkowski’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, the legendary tight end may consider a comeback if and only if Brady answers the phone in the middle of the campaign.

It’s obvious that Brady has his phone ready as Bucs supporters hope that one GOAT may persuade another to come out of retirement in 2022.

Only if Tom Brady contacted Rob Gronkowski would he be able to play again for the Bucs

Reporter for the Eagles Howard Eskin has information that helps put what Rosenhaus said in a little more context. According to a source close to Gronk, the 33-year-old tight end didn’t “want the training camp grind with Tampa,” per Eskin.

“He WILL be back,” Eskin insisted.

In addition to Brady and Gronk, notable NFL players have also re-joined their teams at pivotal times after retirement.

After the Seattle Seahawks lost three running backs from their roster, beloved running back Marshawn Lynch made a crucial play late in the 2019 campaign.

Lynch scored four crucial touchdowns at the close of the Seahawks’ season, which also had an impact on his personal standing in NFL history.

Lynch was mostly employed at the goal line for short rushes. Lynch climbed to fourth place on the list of all-time postseason rushing touchdowns after scoring three postseason touchdowns.

Being named to the NFL 100 is just one accomplishment that highlights Gronkowski’s game-changing on-field performance; he is already the greatest tight end in NFL history.

However, if Gronk does return, he might surpass Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates in terms of the most touchdowns scored by a tight end in NFL history.

Buccaneers fans will benefit if Tommy and Gronk reunite on the field; perhaps this legendary dynamic duo can win one more championship before making their way to Canton five years from now.