F1 fans are enthralled with the track plan and race specifics in Las Vegas

F1 Fans Go Gaga Over Las Vegas Track Map And Race Details

The new Las Vegas Grand Prix was predicted, but the information about the Saturday race and track layout piqued F1 fans’ interest even more.

The new Grand Prix is set to take place on the Vegas strip in November 2023, bringing F1 to the city for the first time.

With the race scheduled for Saturday night rather than the regular Sunday run, it should be a magnificent sight and a one-of-a-kind event.

The news came with all the noise and excitement you’d expect to see in a city like Las Vegas, like a fire.

While the introductory movies were entertaining, everyone was excited to see the new track map for the Las Vegas race, which will showcase the strip prominently.

💥@F1 tonight is officially announcing that it will bring a new Saturday-night 50-lap race to The @Vegas Strip starting next season, in November 2023.

🔳 The 3.8-mile track has three main straights/14 corners/a high-speed cornering sequence/a chicane section/top speed of 212MPH. pic.twitter.com/c802DbMenu

— Adam Stern (@A_S12) March 31, 2022

Here’s the track layout for Las Vegas 🤩

The circuit will see cars race past Caesars Palace, the Bellagio fountains and Mandalay Bay, with the strip being used as a 2km straight. pic.twitter.com/5TbNqrXijB

— ESPN F1 (@ESPNF1) March 31, 2022

The city of Las Vegas is expected to reap significant benefits from the Formula One world’s annual visit. The city has agreed to a three-year deal, but the long-term ambition is to keep the event going for much longer.

.@F1 coming to Nevada means more than just fast cars and cheering fans on the Las Vegas Strip–it also means $500M+ direct economic impact and 170,000 visitors.

Let’s get to work!

— Steve Sisolak (@SteveSisolak) March 31, 2022

F1 fans are both excited and divided about the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Most fans were ecstatic at the prospect of racing in Sin City.

Absolute genius move. An F1 race in person is probably pretty boring to the most casual fans. But throw a vegas strip backdrop on it and it will attract anyone.
And as a more intense fan: this is badass! https://t.co/vVhEK07DTb

— brandon pierce (@fivedollarcouch) March 31, 2022

F1 racing in Las Vegas is gonna be one of the most hyped GP’s ever.

— Darian Gilliam (@BlackFlagMatter) March 30, 2022

Between Miami and Las Vegas I feel like F1 is really going to be testing Americans’ capacity for good behavior

— Amanda Mull (@amandamull) March 31, 2022

Plot twist, we will never know the winner of Las Vegas GP because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas 😅…ok i will see myself out #F1 https://t.co/ivSotZvbhk

— Nola Darling (@NolaDarling250) March 31, 2022

There have been several debates on whether three races are too many in the United States. The Miami Grand Prix will make its debut this year, while the Circuit of the Americas in Austin will continue to be a regular on the calendar.

With the growing popularity of Netflix’s Drive to Survive and the rise of F1 esports offers, the American audience for Formula 1 has perhaps never been larger. Clearly, the sport wants to capitalize on that viewership by expanding its footprint in the United States.