Fans of the Kardashians, pay attention! Kards Katch Up, a new digital series…

Fans of the Kardashians, pay attention! Kards Katch Up, a new digital series from E!, is not to be missed

Kim Kardashian’s Alleged Second Sex Tape, Pete Davidson’s BDE, and Other News

Every Thursday on Ebrand-new!’s YouTube series Kards Katch Up, hosts Amanda Hirsch and Colt Paulson are ready to break it down, from Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s ever-growing romance to Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker marriage updates to finding out if Kylie Jenner ever figured out her newborn baby’s name.

The pair dive right into the biggest moments from The Kardashians’ premiere on Hulu on the April 14 debut episode (which you can watch below), especially the possibility of unreleased footage from Kim’s sex tape floating around the Internet after her son, Saint West, discovered an ad for it on a popular gaming site.

“The tape was involved in Season 1 of Keeping Up, and now, in Episode 1, we’re talking about it…

That’s a good omen, right? “Paulson said that even though it was heartbreaking to see Kim cry over the situation, she unintentionally made another iconic crying meme for the Internet to laugh about, too.

“Like, when Kim cries, I get so excited,” he joked. “It’s sad, but I’m also like, ‘Yes!'”

“She’s also saying, ‘I own it,'” says one. Hirsch elaborated. “‘I slept with my boyfriend.’ I didn’t do anything wrong. I have all the money in the world, all the time in the world, all the resources in the world to… As Kim put it, “bring them all to the f—king ground.”

Check out the full episode above for more on this week’s memorable Kards moments—Scott Disick bringing his new girlfriend to the show’s premiere, how Kravis came to be, and more—and tune in every Thursday to catch up on the latest news from reality TV’s favorite family.

“We’re here to just give you all the tea in one place, because there’s so much,” Hirsch says.

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