Here is where Danielle Olivera and Ciara Miller currently stand with Summer…

Here is where Danielle Olivera and Ciara Miller currently stand with Summer House

This summer has been absolutely brutal for Danielle Olivera and Ciara Miller.

The co-stars of the Bravo series Summer House appeared to resolve their conflict during the season six reunion, but Danielle exclusively revealed to E!

News that they haven’t spoken since. She admitted, “I truly don’t know where we stand. She’s just not one of those people right now.

“I do know that there are some individuals that I want in my life that I trust and that I feel like I can be myself around,” she said.

Fans may remember that last summer, Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll and Ciara and Danielle’s BFF, Lindsay Hubbard, got involved in a love triangle. A heated argument at a dinner party, during which Ciara threw a wine glass at Danielle, marked the drama’s conclusion.

Since then, Ciara has expressed regret and acknowledged that she made a tremendous error at the reunion. She has also said that she felt “dismissed and disrespected” in the house, which may have contributed to her anger at Lindsay and Danielle.

Danielle described the circumstances as “unfortunate” in retrospect.

She said, “I would say the reconnection helped.” I basically expressed what I had to say and what I wanted to say to her. “The future is uncertain to me.”

Danielle claimed that the Summer House reunion also brought up fresh problems for her. Ciara and Mya Allen both accused her of breaking up with her boyfriend, Robert Sieber, several times over the course of a few months, casting doubt on their relationship.

At the reunion and again in an interview with E! News, Danielle denied the allegations.

She added, “We didn’t break up once.” Robert was unhappy when he heard what occurred. “

Danielle went on, “These are your pals?” he asked. Where were they even if we had split up? In particular, where was Mya? She was absent from your side. “

She said, “That portion sucked.” Relationships, though, aren’t always simple. Moreover, did we argue last summer? Yes, because our communication was lacking.

We had been dating for a year at that point. Next month, we will commemorate two years. Along the way, we’ve also discovered a lot about one another and how to communicate effectively. But does fighting entail that? No doubt. But did we part ways? “No.

Danielle said that in light of all of this, she has been unsure about her position on Summer House. To be completely honest, Danielle remarked, “After watching last season, I found myself not wanting to do it.”

That’s not to say I won’t do it, but that’s how I felt. I’m getting old enough now to know who I want to be around and to not want to put myself in particular circumstances. Furthermore, last summer was not very fortunate.

It’s difficult to recover from, but who knows, “she said. “There will always be another summer and more hope.” Simply put, I believe that everything has a finite shelf life, so I won’t hold onto the illusory notion that Bravo will always be my home. “

Danielle is making sure to create her own kingdom as a result. She recently worked with Fidelity to promote Fidelity’s brand-new smartphone app, Fidelity Bloom, which she said helped her save money and keep track of how much she spent.

In addition, Danielle said, “I want people to talk about money.” “I want people to understand that there are resources available to them that can help them save money along the way.”

It’s not necessary to only sometimes check your account balance and hope that there’s enough money there to cover the necessities. “