In a simple approach, Kim Kardashian showed off her beautiful pantry

This, in her opinion, is how a large family’s food storage system should be set up.

Kim Kardashian, 41, shared images with Courtney Kardashian’s website followers, revealing a pantry that is larger than some flats in new buildings.

Even while she was married to Kanye West, the reality star made their home, where she stayed with the kids, a distinctive environment with huge open shelves with glass jars (the Kardashian family eventually got rid of plastic in the house), made to order, with cereals and all kinds of foods for a quick snack.

Everything is offered for free, allowing anyone, including children, to walk in and take anything they require.

With the help of a design firm, Kim recently upgraded the pantry, adding another storage shelf to the area and filling it without overcrowding it with storage containers. Some of the ceramic dishes, bowls, and tea sets were also replaced by Kardashian.

The rest of the area has remained mostly unchanged. There are still two large refrigerators, a freestanding freezer, and an ice cream maker. When you have four children, Kim says you need to organize everything as efficiently as possible so you don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking.

Furthermore, this style helps you to know which products are running low on stock so you can refill them immediately. According to the proprietor of SKIMS, this is a must when you have a large family, because every minute is valuable.