In Albert Pujols’ first game back, the Cardinals scored 29 runs

The Cardinals Scored 29 Runs In Albert Pujols’ First Game Back

In Albert Pujols’ first game back, the Cardinals pounded the Nationals, scoring 29 runs in a complete sweep.

Albert Pujols’ influence over a baseball club is well-known among Cardinals supporters. On Wednesday, the franchise legend made his long-awaited return to action in a St. Louis shirt, so you might say they were reminded of it.

That’s because the Cardinals hammered the Nationals in spring training, scoring 29 runs against them.

To be fair, Pujols didn’t have the best game. He grounded into a double play but still managed to score the game’s first run in the first inning. Then everything went to hell.

In Albert Pujols’ return, the Cardinals showed off their bats

While Pujols went 1-for-3 in his DH appearances, the rest of the team looked to be putting on a show for the veteran.

Paul DeJong hit three home runs and drove in five runs, including back-to-back home runs. Yadier Molina and Josh Bell were also sent to the bullpen. Conner Capel scored four times. Three were carried home by Alec Burleson.

In games with Albert Pujols at designated hitter since the start of 2012, the #stlcards are averaging 29.0 runs.

— Derrick Goold (@dgoold) March 30, 2022

Although Pujols is past his prime, he has shown with the Dodgers that he can still contribute to a contending team. With him back in the fold, St. Louis is aiming for a similar impact. Obviously, spring training is only the beginning.

At the very least, having him in the dugout should help the team, and having him back in a Cardinals uniform should help the city as well.

Given what is going on in Pujols’ family right now, it was all the more meaningful for St. Louis to welcome him back with such a show. Diedre, his wife, had brain surgery on Wednesday morning to remove a tumor.

Fortunately, after the game, Pujols was able to tell reporters that the procedure went well.