Jesse Williams’ child support payments plummeted dramatically after the…

After The Release Of ‘grey’s Anatomy, Jesse Williams’ Child Support Payments Dropped Significantly

Jesse Williams’ child support payments plummeted dramatically after the premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

After leaving “Grey’s Anatomy,” Jesse Williams allegedly gave his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, a temporary reduction in child support.

Child support payments to his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, will now be reduced. The actor’s monthly child support payments have been “temporarily modified” to $6,413, according to court documents obtained by People.

Prior to the new case, the 40-year-old allegedly paid his former $40,000 monthly child support for his 8-year-old daughter Sadie and 6-year-old son Maceo.

The actor, Dr. Jackson Avery, reported a “substantial change in wages” after leaving Grey’s Anatomy after 12 seasons, prompting the change in child support payments. The actor’s financial details were revealed in a March 29 Los Angeles court file in which he requested a payment decrease.

“I ask the court to lower child support because of the huge drop in my income and the uncertainty in the economy,” the former model said in court documents obtained by Hollywood Vie. “I can’t afford to pay child support at this time.”

Starting on October 1, 2019, Grey’s episodic charges, which were my primary source of revenue at the time, accounted for nearly all of the $40,000 per month ($480,000 per year) child support.

Jesse claims he currently makes $1,668 per week working at Broadway Get Me Out while owing $182,000 on a $6.2 million outstanding balance at the Emmy-winning play.

After marrying in 2012, the former couple, who had two daughters named Sadie and Maceo, announced their separation in April 2017.

The couple’s condition worsened a few months after filing for divorce when Jesse expressed dissatisfaction with the way his ex was managing the situation. She didn’t allow him to spend much time with the kids.

In September 2017, a judge ordered that the parents be placed in joint legal custody of their children. Jesse, on the other hand, was not given joint physical custody until March 2018.