Netflix has put a hold on a project starring Will Smith

Netflix Suspended Project That Would Star Will Smith

Netflix shelved the project in which the American actor and comedian Will Smith would participate after the scandal he is going through for assault at the Oscar Awards.

The subscription streaming service Netflix has canceled the new film that stars actor Will Smith. Apparently, the decision was made due to the scandal in which the American has been implicated after having insulted comedian Chris Rock at the recent Oscar Awards ceremony.

The Fast and Loose was the tape that Netflix halted and would include Smith as the primary character, the Hollywood Reporter stated.

It sounds like Netflix was reasonably apprehensive about moving further. It is not certain if he would try to accomplish the project with another star and director “, said the aforementioned portal.

The film that was canceled by the streaming site would be about a mafia lord who loses his memory in the middle of an onslaught. He eventually finds out that he worked for a while as a double agent for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (CIA).

Just a week before an incident that would send shockwaves around the world occurred, the director of said production, David Leitch, backed down and walked away from this endeavor.

The American producer is also presently working on the film Fall Guy, which stars actor Ryan Gosling and is financed by Universal.

This fact would happen to be the first endeavor canceled by Smith after having adopted hostile behavior with one of his partners.

However, he continues with some creations, such as the case of Emancipation, made by Apple TV + and in the post-production stage. Moreover, according to what the Hollywood Reporter points out, there are still other options for the American actor.

So far, the date on which the project will be released, which is now in the post-filming phase, is unknown, although this may be in the middle of 2022. In addition, it will continue with the film “Bad Boys 4.”

Will Smith, the winner of best actor in the past edition of the Oscar Awards, has decided to withdraw from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The American added that he selected it since he deems it the correct approach to apologize to Rock, reported the LA Times.