Take a look at Teresa Giudice as she begins a wild food fight

Rhonj Preview: Get A First Look At Teresa Giudice Starting A Wild Food Fight

Teresa Giudice and tables: what’s the deal?

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Flipped one back in the show’s very first season. Now another piece of dining room furniture is getting her wrath, 13 years after that.

As seen in E! News’ exclusive sneak preview of April 12’s brand-new episode, Teresa is in Nashville, Tenn., this time around.

She appears to be having a delightful meal with her co-stars and their husbands. That is, until Margaret Josephs makes a seemingly innocuous remark about “knowing everyone,” which enrages Teresa.

“Margaret, you know everyone! You converse with everyone, “”Mockingly,” she says. “You talk to Tom, Dick, and Harry, the f—king, f—king, f—king.”

Teresa believes Margaret “spread the rumors to the bloggers” about her fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas. The rest of the table is perplexed, but Margaret admits what she thinks the outburst is really about: Teresa believes Margaret “spread the rumors to the bloggers” about her fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas.

Bingo. Teresa responds, “Yes.” “Something comes out every time we have a huge discussion. And who is the one who brings it out? Miss Margaret is one of them. “

Louie’s past is at the center of the “rumors.” Louie has been accused of assaulting his ex-fiancée throughout the season, but when confronted by the RHONJ husbands, he responded, “Yeah, I’ve had a couple of bad relationships, but I’m sure every guy at this table has a girl who’ll talk bad about you and say something different or opposite of the truth.”

Louie said, “There isn’t any bodily harm. That is just false. No, because I have a few enraged ex-girlfriends who are desperate for attention.

Teresa thinks she’s worked out how the speculations about the upcoming season made their way to “the blogs” while the cast was still filming.

Margaret, on the other hand, isn’t having it. She says, “How would I have information on Louie and his life?” despite Teresa’s insistence that she must have been “talking to individuals” from his past. “Why would I want to speak with folks from his past?”

Teresa dodges the subject, instead stating that Margaret most likely “inserted” herself into the situation. Perhaps she was contacted by “someone from his past.”

But why is that? Margaret is still perplexed by Teresa’s reasoning, and when she inquires as to why a stranger from Louie’s past would approach her, Teresa responds, “You know everybody, Margaret!”

Margaret responds, “I know everyone, but I’m not going to contact bloggers.”

In a confessional, she goes into greater detail about the situation.

She asks, “Where is this coming from?” I’ve always stood up for her. And now she’s making up this terrible tale about how I’m attempting to harm her. That irritates me. “

Teresa, on the other hand, is only experiencing wrath at the dinner table. She cries out, “The f—king rumor wouldn’t be out if it weren’t for you.” “You’re the one who made it public.”

When Joe Gorga, Teresa’s brother, tries to de-escalate the situation by suggesting everyone just eat dinner, but when Margaret refers to Teresa as a “sick, filthy lie,” everything goes to hell.


Teresa hurls drinks and whatever else she can get off the restaurant’s table at Margaret, yelling, “F—king bitch!” as the customers surrounding them stare. Before Teresa is led out, Margaret makes a joking comment about being “lucky you’re not on parole.”