The Nationals’ owners are considering selling the team

Nationals Owners Explore Selling The Franchise

The Lerner family is considering selling the Washington Nationals team.

The Lerner family is examining all options for selling the Washington Nationals.

Washington won their first World Series championship in team history only a few years ago. The Lerners, on the other hand, are at least pondering the possibility of altering the franchise’s ownership structure, which might include selling the team entirely.

In a statement to The Washington Post, managing principal owner Mark Lerner said, “This is an exploratory process, so there is no defined timeframe or expectation of a certain outcome.” “The company still cares about its employees, players, fans, sponsors, and partners, as well as putting out a good product on the field.”

There are a few reasons why the franchise might be for sale, but the process will take time.

According to MLB rumors, the Lerner family may be selling the Washington Nationals.

In 2005, the Lerners purchased the franchise from Major League Baseball and transferred it from Montreal to Washington, D.C. After a long rebuilding process, Washington made it to the World Series for the first time in 2019 and won it.

The global pandemic, on the other hand, had a detrimental impact on the real estate sector, where patriarch Ted Lerner made his money.

The other major aspect is that, with its local RSN, Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, Washington is effectively a second tenant to the more established Baltimore Orioles. Both of these factors have had a significant impact on Washington’s revenue.

Not only have the finances suffered, but so has the quality of the product on the field. This is why Mark Lerner may be reneging on his 2018 promise.

Lerner told The Washington Post four years ago, “We will never sell the Nationals.” That’s what we’ve been working for all these years to achieve. We believe we do an excellent job of it. This family has no intention of selling this squad – at least not while I and my sisters and brothers-in-law are still living. “

If they went to market, the Nationals would be the most recent MLB team to be sold if they went to market, following the New York Mets to Steve Cohen in 2020.

If the Lerners decide to go this route, the Nationals might be the next North American professional sports team to be sold, providing they go to market after the Denver Broncos are sold.

The Nationals could become available at some point, even if this is just an experimental procedure.