TikToker Cooper Noriega’s “Impossible” Death Has Josh Richards Sharing…

TikToker Cooper Noriega’s “Impossible” Death Has Josh Richards Sharing His Reaction

Josh Richards, a friend of the TikToker who passed away two weeks ago at the age of 19, described how he is feeling about the loss.

On the BFFs podcast on June 22, he remarked, “It’s obviously, like, one of those impossible things to deal with, to lose a friend.” “You really don’t expect it to happen to you at the age of 20.”

Cooper’s brother, Josh, a TikTok superstar with 25 million followers, continued to support Cooper’s family during their difficult time and praised them for starting Coop’s Advice, an organization devoted to preserving Cooper’s memory through significant endeavors.

I’m very glad the family is putting this foundation together, he remarked. “Yeah, just keep living for Coop,” someone said. “I know Cooper always really wanted to do that.”

The organization “will celebrate his legacy forever,” according to Cooper’s family.

They said on Instagram last week, “From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate everyone for your incredible support and the outpouring of love for Cooper.”

It has been amazing to witness the influence Cooper has had and is still having on so many individuals throughout the world. Cooper’s lifelong goals will be completed over the course of the remainder of our lives. We will always respect his legacy. “

According to law enforcement officials who spoke to TMZ on June 10, Cooper was discovered unconscious the previous day in a mall parking lot close to Los Angeles. According to the outlet, no wrongdoing is suspected.

Cooper pushed for more mental health awareness before he died. He said he wanted to make talking about this important topic “normal.”

He stated earlier this month on Instagram, “My goal is to ultimately build a rehab where people aren’t traumatized at the end of their rehabilitation and where the staff meetings are held by trusted people.”

One of the many lessons I’ve learned through battling addiction is that being around negative individuals will only drag you down.

Cooper also launched a Discord channel in his final days to act as a sanctuary for fans. He explained on TikTok, “I have recently started a Discord server specifically for mental health because of how much I love you guys and how much I suffer with it myself.” I want you guys to feel comfortable and not alone.

In a BFFs episode that aired on June 1st, Cooper made an additional appearance with Josh and referred to himself as a “sensitive kid” while revealing that his “primary goal” at the time was to succeed in the modeling and fashion industries.

I want to work as an actress, fashion designer, and model.

I’d like to learn how to make music, “he revealed.” Because my dad invests in real estate, I too want to do that.

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