When it comes to narcissists, Erica Mena has something to say

Erica Mena Has Something To Say About Narcissists

Erica Mena delivered a powerful warning about narcissists. Take a look at what she had to say in the video below.

‘Imagine burning sage and passing out because you’re the negative energy,’ someone added.

‘1)I was married to one but am happily divorced today,’ wrote a follower. I was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Abuse Syndrome during therapy, and it was killing me.

I chose no contact because our children are now teenagers and we speak through a court-ordered parenting app.’

‘A lot of Jamaicans are,’ someone else added. I’m about to be divorced from one of them. ‘I feel more peace and sanity in my life,’ wrote one reader, while another added, ‘Girl just @ him at this point.’ Instead of seeing a therapist, I’m always on Twitter. ‘I’m not sure what you’re talking about.’

These narcissist are no joke. Protect you and your kids at all cost ladies. A healthy peace of mind life is really a must. Snaking your own kids is beyond disgusting.

— Erica Mena (@iamErica_Mena) March 18, 2022

‘She’s saying nothing but facts, this world is no longer a secure place to be in (I wonder if it ever was), be careful out there, let’s look after ourselves and our loved ones,’ one fan commented.

“Protecting your kids” also means “not blasting every piece of family dysfunction on the internet when they will one day see it,” according to a fan.

‘Oh it gets attention when a celebrity says it, but their woman’s with this same message every day,’ one fan commented.

Erica Mena made a video that is making everyone’s day on her social media account. Take a look at the video below.

‘She has been with me for a long time. She’s the reason I’ve been getting the F up on a lot of days! Having a daughter changes everything. I’m in charge of ensuring that she truly understands the situation.

An even greater version of me was just what the world required. I adore all of my Queen’s followers. Thank you for your messages; they warm my heart,’ Erica added.

Erica’s fans continue to show their love for her.