After an alarming collision with Jeremy Pea, Yordan Alvarez was carried…

After an alarming collision with Jeremy Pea, Yordan Alvarez was carried off the field

After a rough collision in the outfield at Citi Field, Houston Astros stars Jeremy Pea and Yordan Alvarez were removed from the contest.

Alvarez is a front-runner for the American League MVP award, presumably trailing only New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge, who is off to an incredible start to the season. Pea has done a great job of distracting Houston baseball fans from Carlos Correa, however.

On a fly ball that was in a risky position on Wednesday afternoon at Citi Field, Alvarez and Pea collided in the shallow outfield.

Pea quit the game, but Alvarez needed assistance getting a cart off the field. It is uncertain what their current situation is.

Update on Astros injuries: Yordan Alvarez and Jeremy Pea were dismissed

In recent weeks, Alvarez has been on fire, helping the Astros split a four-game series in the Bronx and dominating thus far in their series against the New York Mets, who have the best record in the National League (NL).

Pea, on the other hand, has recently been taken off the injured list. As we get closer to July, if either player got sick again, it would be very bad for the lineup.

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