After three decades, Maury Povich’s self-titled talk show will come to an end

Maury Povich’s Self-titled Talk Show To Come To An End After Three Decades 

As the days pass, the landscape of talk show television appears to shift, and yet another show will come to an end. This time, a show that many people grew up watching will shortly come to an end after 31 years on the air.

As per the Deadline The syndicated chat show “Maury,” hosted by Maury Povich, will be cancelled. After this season, the show’s original production will come to an end, and fresh episodes will air throughout September. Following that, past episodes will be broadcast in syndication. The first episode of Maury’s show aired in 1991.

According to Deadline, this is the second NBCUniversal show that will be cancelled. They already announced that Jerry Springer’s show “Judge Jerry” would be canceled after three seasons.

Maury has mastered the knack of engaging audiences of all ages while also staying current with modern culture by commenting on emerging moments on social media.

Wendy Williams’ talk show will also be ending after this season, as previously announced. Wendy has been out of commission for the whole season due to health issues, and her show has been hosted by a rotating cast of guests. Wendy’s show will be canceled, but Sherri Shepherd will host her own show, which will cover Wendy’s time slot on the air.

A few weeks later, Nick Cannon’s program was canceled after only six months on the air.

“The Real” was also supposed to be canceled, however, Loni Love addressed the allegations last week, saying, “It’s been a hectic few days but I got a call from the studio… no official decision has been made about #TheReal…

I’ll be fine, but please spare a thought for the 150 crew members who may be affected… We’ll finish Season 8 and then see what the official word is.”

Maury has yet to comment on his show’s cancellation.