Chris Rock’s team has taken down a fake apology that has been circulating online

Chris Rock’s Team Shuts Down False Apology Circulating Online

If it isn’t one thing, it is something else! Shortly after Will Smith apologized on Instagram to Chris Rock, The Academy, and others, a fake apology statement purporting to be from Chris Rock began spreading online.

The apologies looked like they came from Sean L. McClain on Facebook, but Chris’ team says that the comment about the Academy Awards that he made last night was made up.

“Chris Rock has not yet issued a comment,” tweeted journalist Rebecca Keegan of The Hollywood Reporter.

According to Rock’s staff, a statement circulating that purports to be from him is not from him. It’s the one that begins, “It can be tough to grasp as a comedian.”

“As a comic, it can be tough to grasp which lines are to be crossed and which ones aren’t,” the bogus statement said. Last night, I stepped over a line I shouldn’t have, and I paid the price with my reputation as a well-known comic. “

“Comedy is never about making fun of or making light of individuals who are going through important life events,” it continued. “Comedy is about leveraging real-life situations to make people laugh and bring light to a dark world.”

With that stated, I deeply apologize to my friends Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will Smith, and the rest of the Smith family for the contempt and carelessness I demonstrated, which was unfortunately broadcast for the entire world to witness,” the bogus statement said.

I hope that, in the end, forgiveness will emerge from this circumstance, and that we will all be better, more caring individuals. –Christopher Rock “