Tisha Campbell’s attempted kidnapping story was not validated by Brownsville…

Brownsville Police Says Their Investigation Did Not Validate Tisha Campbell’s Attempted Kidnapping Story

Tisha Campbell’s attempted kidnapping story was not validated by Brownsville police, according to the department.

Tisha Campbell posted a serious reminder to social media on January 28: “be extremely cautious” of yourself and your surroundings. The veteran actress told a story of being almost “snatched up.”

Tisha claimed to have called a taxi to her hotel, but when a “shady” van arrived with two men inside, her guard fired a warning shot. Tisha, thankfully, escaped the ordeal unscathed.

Brownsville Police Department Responds

The Brownsville Police Department, however, stated they couldn’t verify Tisha’s story two days after she shared it on Instagram.

“BPD Investigators swiftly initiated an inquiry after examining information offered by Ms. Campbell in her video, as such occurrences are not the usual in our city,” the agency posted on Facebook on January 30. “We were unable to verify Ms. Campbell’s stay in Brownsville motels or any other assertions made in the video after conducting many interviews and reviewing security camera footage.”

Tisha’s tale was also discovered through social media, according to the Texas-based department.

“Unfortunately, our department learned of Ms. Campbell’s trauma through social media rather than standard reporting methods as would be expected from a victim of a terrible crime,” Brownsville police stated.

Tisha’s Story is a true story of a young woman named Tish

Tisha said the incident occurred while filming in a place where there were no available Ubers, as previously reported. As a result, she decided to call a taxi service. The man in the rear seat stepped out of the van and stood there when it arrived. Tisha said she thought the passenger’s ride had ended at her place at first. Tisha, on the other hand, refused to get into the van when he demanded it.

Tisha stated, “I check inside the car, and it’s f****d up.” “The mud is all over the place, and the rubber is being dragged up from the bottom.” The back seat seems to have been taken and snatched for a f*****g cause.”

Tisha is now being demanded to enter the van by the driver. She refused once more. Tisha’s corpse is “mushed” towards the automobile by the other man.

After that, one of the males tells her to take the front seat. She is able to leave the situation and inquire about the number with the front desk clerk. “Why would he give you this number?” the front desk worker asks.

“Sh*t would’ve been a lot different if Tony Rivera hadn’t taught me and my friends what to look for. Plus, I don’t sound anything like I do. “I’m also grateful to the production for their concern and understanding,” Tisha stated in the video’s caption.

Tisha believes it was “a setup/ it was a setup fer genuine,” as she wrote.

In the United States, an estimated 400,000 people are victims of human trafficking. Women account for roughly 60% of those surveyed. Remember, roommates, to stay attentive at all times while traveling. In an emergency, contact the appropriate authorities. During this time, let’s send Tisha love.

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