Chrisean Rock, a former artist for Blueface, has tattooed his name…again!

Blueface’s Former Artist Chrisean Rock Tattoos His Name…again!

Chrisean Rock got a fresh tattoo of Blueface’s government name for the new year. Despite the public backlash, it appears that she still has feelings for her former boss.

Chrisean revealed on Instagram on Sunday that she now has a tattoo of “Johnathan’s P***y” on her bikini line.

She posted video of herself receiving the tattoo, and after showing off the finished product, she explained why she got it, saying, “I got it because it is what it is.”

Chrisean was arrested in Oklahoma last month for possession of a prohibited narcotic, as we previously reported.

“For all you people saying, ‘you were f****ing her,'” Blueface remarked in response to the news of her imprisonment. ‘You told her you loved her,’ she says. When did it become acceptable to steal someone’s car and drive it across the country to give it to their mother?”

He then claimed that she wrote “I Blue” on a piece of paper and signed it “Rock” in blood. She’s used the photograph as her Instagram profile photo ever since.

Chrisean revealed a tattoo of Blueface’s name last year and explained it by saying, “They know why I got this sh*t… “What if I wake up with a stomachache?” She followed it up with a tattoo of his name, which she debuted in August.

At the time, Blueface has remained silent about Chrisean’s new tattoo of his name.