Alyssa Scott Pays Tribute to Zen, Her and Nick Cannon’s Son, on His…

Alyssa Scott Pays Tribute to Zen, Her and Nick Cannon’s Son, on His “Heavenly” First Birthday

Alyssa Scott is commemorating the first birthday of her and Nick Cannon’s son Zen.

Zen, happy heavenly birthday.

“Insurmountable love lies at the heart of all of my current emotions,” she captioned an Instagram video from June 23 of precious moments she spent with her baby before he died on December 5.

“I always try to stay positive, but right now I can’t help but think, ‘This isn’t supposed to be like this.'”

Alyssa continued, “I can imagine Zen smashing his cake and crawling around.”

Reality eventually set in, and she lamented how she’d “be the one to blow out his first candle.”

“I wish he were still here with us,” she added. “GO HIGH & REST.”

On the December 7 episode of Nick’s former eponymous talk show, he revealed that Zen had died after a battle with a rare brain cancer, which the duo discovered while taking Zen in for a routine doctor’s visit.

“And, if I’m not mistaken, it was called fluid that was building up in his head, and that was the cause,” Nick explained, referring to the condition known as hydrocephalus.

“His head was growing in size.” When we discovered it was more, they referred to it as a malignant tumor in his head. We needed surgery right away. Surgery on the brain.”

Alyssa opened up about her final moments with Zen two months after his death: “I’m sure everything around me would come to a halt.”

It would just be you and me. ” In February, she posted on Instagram. “‘I’m here, I love you,’ were my last words to you. That will be the case until the end of time. “