Antonio Brown takes yet another step toward ensuring that he will not be signed

Antonio Brown Takes Another Step To Guarantee He Won’t Get Signed

Antonio Brown told TMZ Sports that he won’t get ankle surgery until he signs a new contract with a team.

Antonio Brown is still looking for a new home after his bitter divorce from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, it does not appear that he is assisting his cause in any way. In a recent interview with TMZ, Brown really made things complicated for himself.

Brown stated that he had yet to have ankle surgery. It’s the same injury that plagued him during his time with the Bucs, prompting him to refuse to play against the Jets. Furthermore, Brown stated that he will not have surgery unless he signs a new contract with a team.

Antonio Brown’s decision to delay surgery until he is signed is a bad one

Brown must be insane if he thinks this is a good idea. Brown said that when he was a player for the Buccaneers, Bruce Arians tried to make him play even though he was hurt because of his ankle.

Brown won’t be allowed to get his injuries treated unless he receives a contract offer? It’s incomprehensible. No general manager will be willing to pay Brown millions of dollars when he’s still dealing with a sprained ankle.

The veteran wideout has piqued the curiosity of several teams, but Brown’s latest interview will just add to the debate about whether he’s worth signing. You can’t deny that when Brown is healthy, he can make a significant difference to an offense. Tom Brady is well aware of this.

However, until he gets his ankle healed, he’ll scare off a lot of front-office staff. If Brown wants to join a team in the near future, he should reconsider his current situation.