At the OVO Festival, Drake introduces Keshia Chanté and tells the crowd…

At the OVO Festival, Drake introduces Keshia Chanté and tells the crowd that she was his first girlfriend

At his yearly OVO festival in Toronto, Canada, Drake put on quite an emotional performance. During his act, he brought out popular Canadian singer Keshia Chanté and told the enthralled audience that she was Drake’s first-ever genuine girlfriend. He said these precise words when he announced the singer’s arrival:

I used to hop in my mom’s car and go all the way to the west for this person right here who is about to take the stage. Do you grasp what I’m saying? I must therefore introduce her personally. I’ve never had a girlfriend before, but I do now.

When the singer entered the stage, she complemented Drake’s braids while being equally full of love and gratitude for the rapper.

“The braids, Papi,” I said. But doesn’t he look good in braids? Drake watched from the side of the stage as Keshia Chanté took the stage and sang some of her well-known songs, such as “Unpredictable” and “Shook.”

The fact that Keshia posted the video of Drake introducing her to her on social media with the message “Abs I love you forever” suggests that the once-teenage couple still has some chemistry. Aubrey, Drake’s less well-known real name, is abbreviated as “Aubs.”

One of the biggest names in Hip Hop and the entire music industry, Drake has been romantically linked to numerous other famous names, including Rihanna, one of the biggest pop artists of all time.

Drake, though, continues to fly solo for the time being and doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to settle down despite the several flings and the numerous speculations.

Along with Keshia, several other well-known Canadian musicians attended Drake’s three-day OVO event, including singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado, who played some of her hugely hit songs like “Promiscuous” and “Turn Off the Light.”