Big Sean denies that the leaked naked photo of him is his

Big Sean Denies That Leaked Nude Image Is His 

Big Sean began to trend on Twitter on Saturday, and while some may have assumed it was because of his music, it was not the case. They were taken aback when they learned that his nudes had been released and shared on social media. He promptly entered The Shade Room, however, to deny that the image was his.

The snapshot in question included a Nintendo Switch and appears to have been shared among the rapper’s Instagram friends.

People were ready to share their thoughts on the snapshot as it immediately spread around the internet.

Big Sean posting nudes on his close friends… who the hell he got in there?

— anthony (@eligiblepinks) February 27, 2022


— daniel (@WESTSlDEHOE) February 27, 2022

outside big sean’s house:

— amanda ミ☆💔 (@laurmanisnaya) February 27, 2022

Y’all actually believe big Sean would post nudes on his close friends?

— Lethal Homo (@LordeCali) February 27, 2022

Big Sean 🙀🙀🙀

— 7 (@atsevenHH) February 27, 2022

Big Sean soon entered The Shade Room to address the photo as the conversation progressed.

He merely denied the photo was his by saying, “This is not me,” in a comment on our Instagram.

Another rapper had an explicit moment a few weeks ago, which was documented on Instagram. Nelly’s Instagram story had a video that was posted and then deleted, as we previously reported. Although his face was not visible in the video, his voice could be heard.

He later apologized for the circumstances, saying, “I genuinely regret to the young lady and her family.” For her/them, this is unwelcome publicity. This was an old private movie that was never intended to be made public.”