Camara from Mathis Family Matters teases a “good time” this season

Camara Mathis Webb swears to disclose the complete truth and nothing but the truth regarding Enew!’s reality show Mathis Family Matters.

The show will provide viewers of Judge Greg Mathis’ eponymous series a rare glimpse into his personal life, which includes his 34-year-old daughter, Camara.

She is an entertainment lawyer married to Ryan Webb and is affectionately known as “Momma Mathis” since she has always embraced the big sister role with her siblings—Jade, 37; Greg Jr., 33; and Amir, 31. Nora, 5, and Zara, 8 months, are the couple’s children, who will be making their reality television debut with their parents.

Camara exclusively told E! News that viewers should “just be ready for a good time” during the first season of Mathis Family Matters, which premieres on Sunday, June 19. Sure, the program will focus on her family’s “trials and tribulations,” but “basically, it’s just a bunch of fun, a bunch of love, and people that are there for one another,” as she put it.

Camara, on the other hand, wasn’t always enthusiastic about the notion of a reality show. “I was a little scared at first,” she admitted, “but doing it with my family made me feel a lot better because I know who we are.”

And who is this mysterious figure? “”We love to have a good time, and we love fiercely,” Camara added. We always have each other’s backs. “


However, Mathis Family Matters will not solely focus on the group as a whole. Camara will discuss her own work, family life, and other topics with her siblings. “I’m the only one who’s married and has a family on my own,” she explained to E!, “and I think that’s absolutely a big element of my story.”

In reality, she and her husband had recently welcomed their second child, shortly before the premiere of Mathis Family Matters. As a result, her plot will include “trying to figure out who I am as a mother, trying to combine parenthood, being a wife, and being a working mom,” as she put it.

Camara is not only an entertainment lawyer, but she is also the co-founder of She Social, an event that brings women from all walks of life together.

The show will involve a sisterhood celebration, and it could be the moment Camara is most excited for you to see. “That moment was just so strong and emotional,” Camara continued, “and I’m just thrilled we can see it now.”