Your First Look at New Orleans’ Season of Queer Eye

Filming for the seventh season of Netflix’s Queer Eye, which stars Tan France, Karamo, Jonathan Van Ness, and Bobby Berk, has begun in New Orleans, the streaming service said on June 22.

According to Netflix, The Fab Five have only recently arrived in The Big Easy and are eager to join the celebration in this incredible city. “Get ready for more tears and new adventures coming up shortly.” Queer Eye is our go-to source for a good ugly cry.

The first six seasons of the program were filmed all across the country. Seasons one and two were dedicated to Georgia; seasons three and four were dedicated to Kansas and Missouri; seasons five and six were dedicated to Missouri and Illinois; and season six was dedicated to Texas.

In the special Yass, Australia! mini episode from 2018 and the four-episode trip to Tokyo in 2019, the boys even took their talents abroad.

Every episode of The Fab Five features the cast spending a week with a person, frequently with a different lifestyle or set of cultural beliefs from the group, as they use their various areas of expertise to better that person’s life.

Each member of the group is a specialist in a particular field: Antoni is in food and wine, Karamo is in culture and lifestyle, Jonathan is grooming, Bobby is design, and Tan is in fashion.

We’re not joking when we say that there will be ugly crying.

The core five’s professional careers have taken off since the show’s 2018 debut as a revival of the original Queer Eye, which aired on Bravo from 2003 to 2007.

In addition to hosting the racy Selling Sunset reunion, Tan is also the co-host of Netflix’s Next in Fashion. Antoni has written two cookbooks and will host the upcoming Easy-Bake Battle.

Karamo will debut his own daytime talk show in September. Jonathan has appeared in his own Netflix series, Getting Curious. Bobby has appeared in season six of The Masked Singer.

Check out these images from the seventh season of Queer Eye, which is based in New Orleans, to get a sneak peek at what the fellas are up to next. Read More