Cardi B’s Twitter account was deactivated after she got into a fight with a few…

Cardi B Deleted Her Twitter Account After A Fight With Several Followers Who Blasted His Children

Cardi B’s Twitter account was deactivated after she got into a fight with a few of her followers who slammed her children

Cardi B was not in attendance at the Grammy Awards. On the other hand, many of her fans have criticized her on social media, telling her that she is putting her kids first instead of her job as a musician, which is not good.

The Grammy Awards, the most prestigious awards in the music industry, took place on Sunday. Many Cardi B fans, however, were upset to find that she would not be able to attend.

For her part, the rapper is dissatisfied with a segment of her fan base who were upset that she would not be present at the event in Las Vegas.

Many people have expressed their displeasure with her two children with her husband, Ella Offset, believing that their renowned mother opted to stay at home last night, which has wounded her heart the most.

I’m going to delete Twitter, but I don’t care for this obnoxious fan following. You have to be the most ridiculous, chastising my children because they believed I was going to the Grammys when I wasn’t.

What’s the matter with them? When did I realize I was going to have to leave? This is insane. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait.

I’ve got to save myself. ” Before the event started, Cardi said that she had been getting a lot of bad texts in the last few hours.

If I don’t have a song to perform or haven’t launched a new album, I won’t attend an awards show; next year, I will, “she continued.

Cardi B eventually followed her word and deactivated her Twitter account, where she had been under pressure to release a new album in order to match the popularity of her debut film, Invasion of Privacy.

The artist also chastised people who were quick to remind her that it had been over four years since her previous piece, assuring them that she had never betrayed them. Alternatively, she informed them that she would be releasing non-released music in the near future.