Chris Lane’s Role as a Father Is Changing His Country Music Career

Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane, newlyweds, reveal their wedding secrets.

Chris Lane’s experience of waking up after a sold-out show has changed recently.

The country musician celebrated his gig late into the night before giving birth to his first child with Lauren Bushnell Lane in June 2021, and he would start his day long after daylight. His mornings now begin with his 12-month-old son, Dutton, by his side.

As Chris told E! News, “I get two hours of just the two of us, and as a dad, it’s the finest thing in the world.” “As long as he sleeps until 8 a.m.”

While golf is being played in the background, the father-son duo heads to the playroom, where they have a lot of fun.

Chris said, “He plays with all of his toys.” I’ll play the guitar, and he’ll typically be transfixed. His reactions whenever there is music playing throughout the house show that he is a true music lover. As he gets older, I think he’ll acquire the itch for it. “

Chris would rather not fix anything in the morning like this. In fact, Chris and his wife recently announced that they are expecting their second child towards the end of the year.

Based on the quality time he spends with his kid, Chris has little doubt that Dutton will make an excellent big sibling. “He’s happy 99 percent of the time, but he throws tantrums like any other baby,” Chris joked. He’s a delight to be around. I am incredibly proud to be his parent. “

Chris’ status as a parent, it turns out, has had an impact on his job.

Chris plans to play throughout the summer, despite the fact that his Fill Them Boots tour is over. That isn’t to say that he will say yes to everything that comes his way.

“Fatherhood makes me a little pickier in terms of how many programs I take on,” he explained, “so I’m not leaving Lauren to handle everything every weekend.”

“Touring, on the other hand, has the advantage of allowing the family to come out at any time. They are welcome to ride on my tour bus. Dutton has a little cot, which will make things a lot easier. “

Of course, there are those possibilities that he just can’t pass up. When the “Dancin’ in the Moonlight” singer was granted the opportunity to perform at CMA Fest 2022 earlier this month, he took full advantage of the world’s largest country music festival, singing on the Chevy Riverfront Stage and teaming up with the My GM Rewards Card.

Now that Father’s Day weekend is here, Chris is looking forward to spending time with his family at home. In fact, he has already envisioned his ideal day.

“I assume Lauren is going to prepare me breakfast and maybe give me a massage before we go to the golf course,” Chris said. “And, most importantly, I hope Lauren is astute enough to have the General Manager park in my driveway.”

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