Ed Sheeran played in Birmingham at an event in support of Ukraine

Bestpix Concert For Ukraine Show

It was said in the past that the British singer would do a duet with Ukrainian musicians.

At a concert in Birmingham in support of Ukraine, British musician Edward Sheeran performed his renowned song “Perfect,” a new song called “Bad Habits,” and a duet with Camilla Cabello.

Previously, the artist was said to have participated in a teleconference with the Ukrainian band “Antitelya” and its leader, Taras Topol, who is currently a member of the Ukrainian Teroborone.

However, because the performance is solely humanitarian in nature, the event organizers felt it was appropriate not to show people with weapons in their hands on the screens. On the other hand, singer Taras Topolya hailed Ed Sheeran for his support of Ukraine and the Antitela group on social media.

“You are a Big Man with a Big Heart, @teddysphotos! Thank you so much for your support for Ukraine! Thank you for taking the time to listen to our music!

Ukraine: on the verge of victory! Following that, we will perform a large performance in the Ukrainian capital, where we hope to see you! ..Ukraine deserves to be praised!All hail the heroes! “-said the Antibody group’s frontman.

Through his charity concerts, Miron Fedorov (Oksimiron), a Russian rapper, donated more than $80,000 to Ukrainian refugees through his charity.

According to Focus, Tina Karol, a Ukrainian singer, raised two million hryvnias for children in the Dnipro hospital.

That evening, special guests included Ukraine’s 2016 Eurovision winner Jamala, 38, who performed a moving rendition of her song “1984” and broadcast great Sir Trevor McDonald, 82, who paid tribute to the war reporters.

He issued a statement thanking the journalists, producers, and camera operators who put their lives on the line to report on Russia’s actions.

I never imagined seeing such scenes of devastation and sorrow in my life. Nonetheless, we see them today because people are risking their lives to provide us with unfiltered descriptions of what they see and hear.