Beyoncé would change the lyrics after receiving criticism for using an…

Beyoncé would change the lyrics after receiving criticism for using an ableist language

Beyonce’s brand-new full-length album has been eagerly awaited by fans for six years. As a result, on July 39, everyone who wanted to hear Renaissance could.

This song swiftly surpassed all other female artists as the most streamed song on Spotify after being listened to by more than 43 million people in only 24 hours.

Making this album provided me with the opportunity to dream and find solace during such a trying time for the globe. My goal was to create a secure environment. a location free of prejudice.

A place where you can put self-reflection, perfectionism, and useless thoughts to rest. In a message to admirers, the artist herself pleaded for a place where you can shout, express yourself, and feel liberated.

However, it wasn’t without criticism, just like Beyoncé. Many online users have accused the singer of being ableist. When people without disabilities are stigmatized because it is considered that able-bodied people are normal and superior to them, it is a type of discrimination.

Beyoncé may be heard singing, “Spazzin’ on that ass, spazz on that ass,” in the chorus of the song. While there are many ways to translate this verb, spasticity—involuntary movement or muscular spasms—is commonly associated with it.

People with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and other disorders encounter comparable symptoms.

After understanding that the harsh verb offended people with disabilities, Beyoncé promised to replace it. In an official statement, the famous person informed Daily Mail reporters, “This word was not meant to be used to injure.” But she never said sorry.

Disability rights groups have noticed that the UK uses the term more commonly as a derogatory insult than the US.

Scope, a British group that advocates for equality for people with disabilities, believes that experiences relating to impairments shouldn’t be exploited as inspiration for song lyrics. Beyoncé was told to follow Lizzo’s example.