Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova’s Super-Private Romance: Game…

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova’s Super-Private Romance: Game, Set, Perfect Match

You can run and hide, but you can’t get away from Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova’s love.

Kournikova first met Iglesias in late 2001, when she played his love interest in the steamy music video for his hit “Escape.”

While there were certain issues to resolve before they could be together indefinitely

It was a game, set, and match made in heaven.

In a Making the Video feature, Iglesias stated of his co-star, “She’s gorgeous, talented, excellent tennis player,” adding, “It doesn’t take a brilliant actor to kiss Anna and try to make it believable.”

As a result, their tradition of being evasive began.

They’ve been married for nearly two decades and now have three children, with daughter Mary joining 3-year-old twins Nicholas and Lucy in January 2020. “They actually enjoy it,” Iglesias said of the twins’ adjustment to having a younger sibling to People in March of that year.

“I was a little worried because there was a two-year gap. How are they going to react? I wondered. My house is also a zoo because I have two dogs. Oh, how is everyone going to react?’ I thought when we first got home with Masha [Mary in Kournikova’s native Russia].”

When Mary was born, Kournikova changed her name to Iglesias on Instagram, causing speculation (given she had already been wearing a lot of glittering jewelry on that finger for years) that she had finally married the singer after earlier claiming she had no plans to walk down the aisle. However, if they did tie the knot, they aren’t announcing it on the streets.

They may have gone from teasing the media about whether or not they’re still together to sharing absolutely gorgeous photographs and videos of their children on Instagram throughout the years, but they’re still not ones to overshare about their personal lives.

Perhaps you believe you’ve given the audience enough for a while when it starts with kissing in a video.

Though she did share a preview of Enrique Iglesias’ “Subeme la radio” video in February 2017, Kournikova’s Instagram page before the birth of her children largely highlighted that she was dedicated to working out and had a strong relationship with her beloved canines, Max and Jack.

The same goes for Iglesias, who spent his life before becoming a father devoted to traveling, music, fans, and dogs.

On Oct. 9, 2017, he and Anna wished their canine son Jack a happy birthday, two months before their pair of human puppies were delivered on Dec. 16, without the couple announcing their pregnancy (though they were capturing photos along the way).

They’re still as low-key about their relationship as they’ve always been, and the dogs are still prominent in their public photo albums.

But what about the issues that needed to be resolved before they could relax?

Kournikova had been associated with two considerably older Russian hockey players, Pavel Bure and Sergei Federov, off and on since she was approximately 16, when she and Iglesias first met.

Federov and she were supposed to have met for the first time when she was 15 years old in Moscow.

Kournikova was frequently in the picture as Kournikova progressed as a player, and her model beauty made her an instant endorsement darling and lad-mag pinup.

The Hockey News stated in 2003 that they were married, “although temporarily, and we are already divorced,” despite denying a July 2001 story that they secretly married in Russia (ring watch is ageless, people) (as well as no longer in touch).

She was reportedly rumored to be engaged to Bure, a Russian national team player who knew Federov, as late as 2000. Both she and Bure denied they were engaged.

What a tangle.

“While I don’t usually comment on my personal life,” Kournikova said on her website, “let me confirm once again that I am not married.” According to the Telegraph in 2003, she later responded to a request for comment with, “Why don’t you go and find out?” I’m not sure I want to talk about it. “

In an interview with ESPN.com in 2005, Federov revealed that he and Kournikova were briefly married—and that their relationship was, for one thing, misunderstood, with highs and lows.

“The fact that we were both Russian was the cherry on top.” For a long period, there was no romance. When Federov, who is 11 years older than Kournikova, remarked, “When we first met, she was simply a youngster.” “Our families got along swimmingly. We had a lot in common; we had similar lives, and we were able to communicate with each other. As a result of our shared work and social circumstances, our friendship grew.

He recalled how the move from friendship to romance surprised him.

The player told ESPN, “We spent quite a few days together.” I was astonished when Anna indicated that type of interest since I was a little older and wilder than her, and I was headed in a different direction. But, considering the circumstances, I reasoned that she was a wonderful person, so why not?

As a result, we began dating. It was difficult because her schedule required her to be based all over the world, while I was required to play games in a variety of cities.

Federov went on to say that their marriage was “the same as the usual life we had before.” Both of us were hooked on our schedules. It was just something that couples do when they get to a particular point in their relationship.

So it’s no surprise that Kournikova and Iglesias, the son of a globally recognized musician who knows how crazy the tabloids can get, don’t flaunt their romance on social media or want more attention than a celebrity couple would normally receive.

In March 2014, Iglesias told E! News, “I suppose it comes with the territory.” “I can see why people would question, ‘Are you married?’ Do you have a female companion? Do you have any children? “Do you have any children that we aren’t aware of?”

“When I go back home,” he continued, “I want to make sure that whatever happens in my house is only for me and my loved ones who are right there.” “I require that.”

Kournikova and Iglesias had met by the end of 2001, whether she and Federov actually tried marriage on for size or not. In January 2002, they debuted the sultry “Escape” video (“we’re trying to have as much sex in this film as possible,” Iglesias joked”), and in August, they attended the MTV Video Music Awards together.

The stars simply aligned for the Spanish singer and Russian tennis player, who had made Miami their home, enjoyed sports, the sun, and being on the ocean, and knew what it was like to be on the road for weeks or months at a time.

Kournikova retired from competitive tennis in 2003 because of injuries. She never won a singles title, but she won 16 doubles titles, including two Grand Slams. She continued to play in exhibitions and other related events for years, and she remained one of the most talked-about athletes in sports, for better or worse.

“I’ve spent my entire life being scrutinized, analyzed, and pulled apart,” Kournikova told the Los Angeles Times in 2011, when she was hired as a trainer on The Biggest Loser.

“It was excruciatingly uncomfortable.” At the time, I was only a child. Over here, I was being evaluated for being too attractive, and over there, I was being judged for not being attractive enough. And please God, don’t let me gain a pound. It was brought to my attention. Then I was chastised for not being a good enough tennis player, despite the fact that I knew I was giving it my all.

She and Iglesias generated secret-marriage rumors (debunked) in 2004, and he told People en Espaol in April 2007 that he wasn’t sure if he envisioned them marrying or even living happily ever after. “The only thing I can say is that, in my opinion, Anna would make a wonderful mother, whether we are together or not,” he stated.

He perplexed them even more the following month, apparently telling Sweden’s Aftonbladet that not only had they broken up… “We’re no longer married.” He was cited as stating, “I’m single now, but that’s fine.” “I’m fine with being alone.”

However, Kournikova’s representative said that the singer was joking and that the couple was still together after five years of dating. In the meantime, the athlete had her own opinions on the matter, which she eventually felt comfortable sharing. In 2008, Kournikova told People, “I’m never getting married,” but added that “everything is okay” in her personal life.

“Girls gaze at him,” she told The Guardian in 2008 of her own technique for maintaining her privacy. Guys, have a peek at me. It’s part of the work, but it’s infuriating when you feel violated. ‘Just take the picture and call it a day.’ The shrug was practically audible.

“I’m not married, pregnant, haven’t had a bad job, and haven’t had Botox.” “Is there anything else?” she offered.

Kournikova, on the other hand, wasn’t accompanying herself on a small violin or anything.

“Hey, I took the money,” she said, referring to the benefits of her unspoken agreement to be in the spotlight. “It’s straightforward. Don’t take the money if you don’t want the attention. “

In 2010, Kournikova stated again on The Graham Norton Show that she and Iglesias had no intention of marrying. “Everything is fine—we’re wonderful.” After eight years together, it feels more [like] a marriage than most Hollywood couples, or anything. (“Now it’s common law,” Katy Perry, another guest, concurred.)

Kournikova did, however, tell Women’s Health in 2011 that she wanted to have children, “whether I have my own or adopt.” I enjoy looking after people.

She went on to say, “[Marriage] isn’t significant to me.” “All that matters is that I’m in a nice relationship.” I believe in dedication. I believe in being open, trustworthy, and truly respecting one another. “

It’s also important to choose a spouse that shares your values.

In an interview with Australia’s Today Tonight in 2011, Iglesias declared, “I want my personal life to be as quiet as possible.” “And especially when you’re with someone that’s also known and in the spotlight.”

He went on to say, “It’s not that difficult.” “You have to be able to laugh at yourself.” I’ve been married 28 times and have children from all over the world. I believe I have twins in Perth, Australia. “You simply giggle at it,” she says. (He repeated the divorce joke in 2014, telling reporters in Los Angeles, “I got a divorce three days ago and I wanted to give you guys the exclusive.”) I’m not joking. No, I’m serious. Please don’t laugh. “

Despite the stunning diamond rings Kournikova began wearing, marriage did not appear to be on their agenda.

In 2012, Iglesias told Parade, “I’ve never really felt marriage would make a difference.” “Perhaps it’s because I was raised by divorced parents, but I don’t believe you can love someone more because of a piece of paper.”

In 2016, he confirmed this to E! News, adding cryptically, “Who knows what the future holds… or the past… haha.”

Julio Iglesias is the youngest of three children born to Spanish super-star Julio Iglesias and his first wife, Maria Isabel Preysler-Arrasta. He has a tense relationship with his father, who has five more children with his second wife.

In 2010, Enrique told The Guardian that the person he admired most in life was “Elvira, the lady who took care of me when my parents couldn’t be there.” She devoted her entire life to my brother, sister, and me. Now it’s up to me to look after her. “

Iglesias admitted to The Mirror in 2014 that he had never met Kournikova, despite his enthusiastic support for the match.

“My children are very independent, and seeing Enrique is challenging because he is all over the world,” the singer explained. “However, Anna is really attractive—my children have good taste.”

Iglesias’ mother, brothers, stepmother, and step-siblings had met her and that he was certain that his son was doing well. When Igelsias’ twins were born three years ago, his mother, sister, and brother all showed their joy.

Isabel Preysler, the babies’ grandmother, told Hola!, “It was a perfectly normal pregnancy; she didn’t have to perform bed rest at any moment.”

“Anna hasn’t had to go into hiding.” Her life is quite basic and cozy.

While Iglesias wasn’t a regular in the crowd while Kournikova was still competing, likely because he didn’t want to be a distraction, the two enjoyed watching tennis together.

In 2004, they were spotted in the stands at the Los Angeles Tennis Center, and in 2009, they showed up to watch Serena Williams play at the Miami Open, which is held yearly in Key Biscayne.

“Anything except tennis and wrestling,” Iglesias boldly told Sports Illustrated in 2007, when asked if he could beat his girlfriend in any sport. Her reactions are alarmingly quick. Anything you throw at her, she catches. “

Iglesias claimed that dating an athlete had increased his respect for athletes 1,000-fold.

“You can start playing music when you’re 18 or 19 years old,” he remarked.

“If you want to be an athlete, you must begin when you are four or five years old.” There is a lot of mental and physical effort involved, as well as a lot of time. Your mind may crave something, but your body may not be able to get it.

“Anna showed me around her childhood home in Russia, and if you see the house she grew up in, you can open your arms and touch it from top to bottom.

” Since she was five years old, she has spent every day for eight hours playing outside. It’s mind-boggling to me. She is, without a doubt, the most incredible person I have ever encountered. “

They’ve vacationed all over the world like beautiful celebrities, but part of their allure is that they keep date night local, whether it’s attending a Miami Heat game, simply going out to dinner, or taking their boat for a spin (which is considered regular in Miami Beach).

In fact, after they were supposed to have split up in 2013, images of them on the yacht were released to dispel the rumors.

On The Graham Norton Show, Kournikova also admitted that they experienced ordinary-couple troubles like everyone else. “You find underwear, you know, everywhere, dirty socks and everything,” she replied when asked if Iglesias left his damp towels lying about.

Norton said, “At least it’s Enrique Iglesias’ soiled underwear.” “I’m going to sell it on eBay.”

But that’s about all the dirty laundry we can expect to hear firsthand. In April 2014, Iglesias said on CBS Sunday Morning, “I keep my personal life as quiet as possible because I believe we need it.”

“I didn’t state that I don’t want to get married,” he explained when asked about his previous comments about marriage. I’m not sure if I said something incorrectly. “We are extremely satisfied with the way we are,” I explained. I’m not anti-marriage in any way. “

“I haven’t ruled anything out,” he said, “but if you’re happy, I don’t think it will make a difference.” She’s the world’s coolest chick. “

At the same time, Kournikova was the personification of the perfect day that he had been talking about for almost a decade.

In October 2017, Iglesias told Ventaneando, “A day off for me is being at home on the sofa, watching TV with my girlfriend and our two pets—just having a wonderful time.”

“I would want to have children,” he continued, which was even more striking. Hopefully, it will be very soon. I believe I would make a good father; my girlfriend would make a better mother, but I believe I would make a decent father. “

The couple only had two months till their meticulously devised plan came to fruition.

In October 2018, Iglesias told The Sun, “It’s fantastic to watch her be such a terrific mother.” “Watching a mother do what she does when a mother’s instinct kicks in is remarkable.”

When questioned if having children had affected their alone time, the singer told the tabloid that “the sex has not diminished.” It appears that this is not the case.