How fans of the Atlanta Braves can obtain their own World Series ring

How Braves Fans Can Get A World Series Ring Of Their Own

The Atlanta Braves’ players and staff received their World Series rings a few days ago, but now fans may get their hands on one as well.

Of course, it comes at a colossal cost (no, not as expensive as a Freddie Freeman contract).

Fans of the Atlanta Braves can purchase their own World Series ring to honor a group of players that will go down in history. It will only cost you one pricey burger if you can afford it, plus an additional $25,000 on top of that. We wish you the very best of luck.

In comparison, the burger costs $151. However, why is the ring so pricey? I’ll let the official Braves website speak for itself:

The World Series ring of a Braves fan has a variety of diamonds

“The ring top features the Braves “A” logo, created in contrasting 18.71-karat white gold paying homage to the founding of the franchise in the year 1871. An astounding 150 diamonds are intricately, pavé-set within the “A” honoring the incredible 150 years of franchise history. A blue stone can be seen beneath the logo, creating a subtle blue outline and surrounding the logo are an additional 193 brilliant diamonds. The words “WORLD CHAMPIONS” accents the top and bottom of the ring, set expertly with 113 diamonds. Adoring the left and right sides of the ring are two rows of 11 emerald-cut diamonds; when combined there are a total of 44 emerald-cut diamonds. These 44 diamonds celebrate Braves legend and one of the greatest baseball players to ever take the field, Hank Aaron. Completing the ring top are 4 princess-cut rubies, set in the four corners of the ring top representing the 4 World Series victories achieved by the Braves.”

This isn’t one of those articles that criticizes a company for trying to earn a profit. Normally, I’d be all over it.

However, in this situation…

I can see why the ring costs $25,000 in the first place. And I understand why I, and others like me, would never consider spending $25k on a ring.